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  1. Default Being away rainy Vancouver at X'mas. Ideas for a 11-day roadtrip to someplaces sunny?

    I'm running out of ideas this year. Help.

    Can't fly to tropical places for the coming X'mas as I usually do for every year, plus I got my new car recently, really can't wait to take her for the first long drive. I like the US101 route down to San Francisco, but wondering how supportive the weather could be or could not be. Rain is the least expected on our vacation list.

    Also worried a bit the traffic during X'mas season. We are leaving Dec. 23/24, back Vancouver Jan 3. Would prefer scenery trip to city tour except that San Francisco is really the city we want to spend 2 to 3 days there.

    Or should I forget west-coast but come up with a totally new plan?



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    Default Rain is the Least of Your Worries

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    Trying to head inland, north, east, or southeast from Vancouver in December for anything more than a well chosen couple of days inevitably brings with it a significant chance of having to deal with both snow and mountain roads. That really only leaves you south along the coast as your only option. Yes you will probably see rain, but consider the alternatives. I would certainly expect significant traffic in the days leading up to Christmas, but most of that should be on Friday the 24th, and most of that should be on the major Interstates, I-5 in your case. I think that you could have a very relaxing drive down to San Francisco at that time. Note that two days might be a little insufficient for such a drive and that would leave you a choice between driving some on Christmas morning (my choice) or heading inland to the Interstate and joining the Christmas Eve crush. On the homeward leg, traffic should not be bad at all on I-5 and two days would be quite sufficient, allowing a little more time in San Francisco.


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    Note that there is a definite chance of snow and ice going over the Siskiyous in southern Oregon on I-5 - you may have to stick right to the coast.

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    Thanks for the valuable information. It really helps.

    I'm wondering it's a good time to take road trip on west coast but I still want to try. We won't be rush for anything, so we will take your advice to keep on coast route. Maybe we have chance to see very light traffic on X'mas day. :-)

    Thanks again! You guys are great people, running such a neat wet site.

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