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    Hi there! I really think this website is awesome! After reading the other posts, I don't think anyone else can help me with my roadtrip plan but you guys! Really cool!
    I'm currently deployed here in Afghanistan. I will be coming home on FEB 2011 and I'm planning a roadtrip with my friends from san diego to new york and back. We weren't planning to do any sight-seeing going...but we're planning to do that on the way back. =) We only have 2 weeks allotted time for this trip. We're planning to stay in new york for 3 days. Is it possible to be able to drive from san diego to new york (in the shortest time possible), stay in new york for 3 nights, drive back to san diego and do lil stops for sight-seeing and stuff?

    Also, I have a friend that flew from the Philippines to visit. She will be going with us on this road trip.... She's asking if there will be any state borders that we will encounter because she's afraid to lose her documents (passport) on the trip. She had already lost it once in australia and it was HELL.

    Hope you could help me. Looking forward to coming home to our great country! Thanks a lot!

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    Default sorry, but no

    Welcome to the RTA Forum and thanks for your service!

    I'm sorry, but I really don't think you're going to be able to do what you want.

    Its a solid 5-6 day drive - at a speed run pace - to get from San Diego to New York, so its a tough round trip to do at all in 2 weeks. Throw in 3 full days in New York, and you'll have already burned up all of your time, before you've had any chance to do any sightseeing on your cross country drive.

    I'm a little confused about your state borders question. Obviously you'd have to cross a lot of state borders on a cross country trip, but you don't check passports when traveling within the same country. The only time it would be an issue is if you decided to include a detour into Canada or Mexico, or possibly if you hit one of the border patrol checkpoints that are found on some highways near the southwest border.

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    Thank you for the speedy reply! =) if I add another week, would that be possible then? I really appreciate your response. This is the first time that I planned to do a roadtrip that's this far. I would appreciate any advice and suggestions that you can give me to make this roadtrip possible.

    As far as the borders, my friend's only concern is she doesn't want to lose her passport or documents on the trip. She would rather leave it at home (safe) if its not needed.

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    Default Big difference.

    An extra week would make all the difference, as Michael said, 2 weeks would be used up travelling across country and back and plus 3 days around New York. A week would let you do some sight seeing and if you took a different route each way, you could do a little exploring out and back.

    I would have thought your friend would be better travelling with at least some form of ID in case you get stopped on a random check.

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    I agree that 3 weeks will make this much more manageable. You'll still be very busy, but you'll have enough time to see things and have a good time.

    While I understand that losing a passport is a huge deal, I always think its a good idea to have it with you when you are traveling in a foreign country. Its unlikely that you'd need it, but its just a smart travel practice. Even if you put it in a secure location in your car, you'd want it somewhat easily accessable - not on the other side of the country. And of course, make a copy that you can leave at home just in case something happens.

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    I appreciate all of your suggestions. It surely helps! So i guess my next question would be...what is the best route to take going to NY (no plans of sightseeing) and best route back (would like to do some sightseeing of the best spots..any suggestions?)

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. And ofcourse, thank you also for the travel tip for my friend. =)

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    Now you've asked a question thats as unanswerable as "what color is the sky" or "how long is a piece of string."

    There really is no such thing as a one sized fits all "best route" - you need to build a route that fits in with what you are hoping to see. That's going to take a little work on your part to figure out what those major spots you'd most like to see are, and once you've got a few of them, you should be able to figure out a good route that fits in with those spots.

    The one thing I would suggest is that you change your approach to seeing things and plan to make stops both directions. Not only will that greatly increase the number of things and places that you could see, but its also going to make for a much more enjoyable trip overall.

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