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    Hello everyone,
    I just came across this site and saw a few posts. I plan to do a roadtrip from Riverside Cty area to Burlington, Iowa using the southern states as much as possible due to the cold weather. Do any of you have any recommendations from the weather to places we should stop???? We will have chains but still not used to the cold weather, we need some advice. Also, ideas on places to stop, odd ball places like the Cadillac Ranch, in Texas!!! or any good food places!

    Thank you.

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    Default the big myth

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll tell you the biggest thing you need to know is that there is no way to get from Southern California to Eastern Iowa in January without having the risk of winter weather. Staying south simply isn't a worthwhile strategy, because you can't go far enough south to get rid of the chance of bad weather - going south often means seeing ice instead of snow - and the longer you are on the road, the greater your odds of seeing bad weather. Your best bet is really to pick your route right before you leave so you can base it on specific forecast information.

    Your shortest routes would actually be to take I-15 to either I-70/I-76 or I-80. You could also take I-40 across and then start heading north in Oklahoma and "only" add 100 miles, and that's a perfectly good option if you've got a specific forecast saying that route will be clear - but its quite possible that you'd see better weather by going north. I would not recommend I-10, as it adds at least a half day of extra driving, still can see bad weather across the plains, and you'll have to spend that much more time driving north from Texas.

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    Midwest Michael-

    Thank you for your advice. I looked up a route on google (I know the best source) but it said that it would take about 29 hours. I had in mind almost the same route you mentioned to take- the 40 towards Oklahoma and then head north.

    Besides figuring out which way to go the other problem is I am tkaing my grandmother and now I have my aunt getting on my back about how unsafe it is. Can you give me some advice that I could It cannot be that bad right, I mean unless a big storm hits.

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    As far as the time - 29 hours really is an irrelevant number. Its a trip that more than 1800 miles going direct and starts to push up over 1900 miles if you go through Oklahoma. Those kinds of distances need to be measured in days, not hours.

    In perfect conditions, taking the most direct route, you need a bare minimum of 3 very long days (12 hours each) on the road. When you start having to push more than 600 miles in a day, you're running into problems, so if you feel like you have to take I-40, then I'd strongly recommend making at least 3 overnight stops. Trying to drive beyond your human physical limits is every bit as dangerous as trying to the physical limits of mother nature. And in every case, I'd have at least one extra day available just in case you hit conditions that require you to slow down or stop.

    As far as "how unsafe" it is, if you are practicing responsible driving, not trying to drive fatigued or beyond the limits of the conditions, there's no reason a roadtrip is any more dangerous than driving around the block. Thousands upon thousands of people drive across this country every day, in every season of the year.

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    I would take I-15 to I-40 to OKC, then I-35 through KC to US-34 to Burlington. This is a 3.5 day drive. I would make overnight stops in Holbrook AZ, Amarillo, and KC. In Amarillo, have dinner at the Big Texan.

    If a big storm hits, find a hotel and wait it out. No big deal. If the roads are bad enough to require chains, you shouldn't be out there to begin with.

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