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  1. Default The Amazing Cross Country Road Trip!

    Day Date Start End
    Monday May 24th PA Cedar Point
    Tuesday May 25th Cedar Point Chicago, IL
    Wednes May 26th Chicago, IL Dubque, Iowa
    Thursday May 27th Dubque, Iowa Minneapolis, MN
    Friday May 28th Minneapolis, MN Mt. Rushmore
    Saturday May 29th Mt. Rushmore Gilette
    Sunday May 30th Gilette Yellowstone National Park
    Monday May 31st Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park
    Tuesday June 1st Yellowstone Elko, NV
    Wedne June 2nd Elko, NV San Francisco
    Thursday June 3rd San Francisco San Francisco
    Friday June 4th San Francisco San Francisco
    Saturday June 5th San Francisco Santa Maria
    Sunday June 6th Santa Maria Huntington Beach
    Monday June 7th Huntington Beach Huntington Beach
    Tuesday June 8th Huntington Beach Huntington Beach
    Wednes June 9th Huntington Beach San Diego
    Thursday June10th San Diego San Diego
    Friday June 11th San Diego San Diego
    Saturday June 12th San Diego Phoenix
    Sunday June 13th Phoenix Phoenix
    Monday June 14th Phoenix Phoenix
    Tuesday June 15th Grand Canyon Grand Canyon
    Wedne June 16th Grand Canyon Grand Canyon
    Thursday June 17th Grand Canyon Las Vegas
    Friday June 18th Las Vegas Las Vegas
    Saturday June 19th Las Vegas Mammouth Lakes, CA
    Sunday June 20th Mammouth Lakes, CA Yosemite National Park
    Monday June 21st Yosemite National Park Yosemite National Park
    Tuesday June 22nd Yosemite National Park St. George Utah
    Wednes June 23rd St George St. George Utah
    Thursday June 24th St. George KOA outside Zion
    Friday June 25th KOA outside Zion Moab
    Saturday June 26th Moab Moab
    Sunday June 27th Moab Moab
    Monday June 28th Moab Lake George, CO
    Tuesday June 29th Lake George, CO Lake George, CO
    WednesJune 30th Lake George, CO Drive Home!
    Thursday July 1st Drive Home! Arrived at Home Thursday Evening

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    How can we help you?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is much more to a roadtrip than just places and dates - but your basic outline looks fairly reasonable.

    Your last day seems like a big problem though - 2 days just isn't enough time to get from Colorado to PA, especially not at the end of a long trip like this. You need at least 3 even on a speed run home.

    Otherwise, is there something you were looking for help with?

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