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  1. Default Road Trip from Omaha NE to Orlando FL

    We are planning a road trip around Thanksgiving from Omaha NE to Orlando FL. One of my friends suggested to stick to I-10 to avoid any snow and icy roads.

    Any other suggestions are welcome so we can come across some attractions along the way and make the road trip more fun.

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    Default Route

    Taking I-10 from Omaha means that you'll have to get to I-10 in some form or fashion. Did you have any ideas about how to approach that? The key is to keep an eye on the weather reports for any potential routes that you want to take - and in the winter it's a good idea to have more than one - and to choose wisely at the time of the trip.

    How many days do you have for your trip?
    What are your interests?
    How many will be in your party?

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    Interstate 10 rides along the gulf coast but oddly enough if you head south towards Houston, Texas and get it there (as it is the straightest shoot to I-10), you are only adding about 6 hours of drive time, which is about 8 hours in reality when you factor in stops.

    At the very least you are looking at 3 days if you go to Houston on I-10 and two very long days if you take the shortest route possible.

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    Default direct

    It rarely makes sense to generically "go south" assuming that means you'll see better weather, as nearly every part of the US can and does see snow and ice. I-10 along the Gulf Coast probably is about the least likely part of the US to see snow, but as Tim mentioned, you've still got to get there.

    There's really not many good ways to get from Omaha to I-10 in your case, as the most direct routes involve significant sections of non-interstate travel. The shortest Interstate route would be to go to St. Louis and then down I-55 towards New Orleans, and that adds a good 200 miles vs just continuing on a direct route through Nashville and Atlanta, and your odds of seeing good weather just aren't that much different. Now if a good storm is forecast in Tennessee that you can avoid going that way, its worth it, but I'd want some actual facts first.

    Either way you go, you're looking at at least 2 overnight stops - but while the direct route could be done in 2.5 days, you'll need a full 3 to safely do it via Louisiana.

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    There are no guarentee's but up here in South Bend, we don't usually see snow until at least a couple weeks after thanksgiving.

    No guarentee's, we have in the past seen snow before thanksgiving, but in all likelylood it won't come til after.

    I wouldn't add 6 hours of drive time, to my route just because of fears of snow, especially in November.

    I would personally avoid going through Atlanta. I'm going to Orlando for Christmas and I'm going to take I-65 through Alabama and catch US-231 to I-10 in the FL panhandle and take that to I-75, from 75 catch the FL-turnpike to Orlando. That only adds about an hour of total driving time.

    But I definatly don't think you should go that far out of your way in order to make a break for the south out of fears of snow. Especially in November, you will likely be ok. I'm pretty far to the North of you in South Bend, and generally we don't see the snow til after Thanksgiving. So I think you'll be fine.

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    Take the shortest route

    I lived in Omaha and Kansas City, and now live in Georgia, so I've traveled the route many times in all kinds of weather. If you check the weather and don't see any major storms, and there shouldn't be any that early, go for it on the straight and narrow.

    I'd suggest you take I-29 to KC, I-70 to Wentzville, I-64 to Mt Vernon, I-55/I-24 to Chattanooga and I-75/FL-408 to Orlando. That said, take bypasses where you can: I-435 around KC, I-64 through St Louis, Briley Parkway around Nashville, and I-285/I-675 around Atlanta. An alternate route for St Louis would be I-370/I-270/I-255 to bybass STL during rush hour. You can look all of these up on Mapquest or Google Maps.

    I'd suggest overnights at Mt Vernon, IL (520 miles) and Stockbridge, GA (500 miles). That would leave only 420 miles for the third day into Orlando.

    Now, if that is too specific for you, take some liberties with it, but I don't think you'll go wrong going that general routing. It still leaves some time for frequent stops and maybe even a little sight seeing along the way.

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