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    Hey All,

    Just found this site, and it's pretty sweet. I thought i'd pick some brains here about something my friends and i are planning. We're looking to drive out west and then stay for a few days in early summer 2011. The first option is Yellowstone. I've only spent one night there, and i'd like to go again.

    Glacier National park is the only other option that's really been brought up by the group. I'm leaning towards Yellowstone just because i'd like to see more of it, but Glacier would be nice because none of our group has been there.

    I did this in August of '08 by basically going
    Cincy -> Chicago -> Badlands and Custer State park -> Cody,WY -> Yellowstone -> Salt Lake City -> Sacramento

    The drive was amazing, and i'm tempted to repeat it (except stopping in Yellowstone and then reversing direction). I suppose the big question is "Is Yellowstone better for 3 days, or Glacier?"

    Input? Thanks!


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    Default Two points to ponder

    Hello lostinthesauce,

    I'm crazy about both places (Yellowstone and Glacier). Be advised, however, that Glacier is a LONG day's drive past Yellowstone, making for 2 additional days of travel. How much time do you have for this Road Trip?

    Secondly, your post mentions travel plans in EARLY June. The premier attraction in Glacier NP is the Going-to-the-Sun Road (GTTSR), and depending on this coming winter's snowpack, how much it snows into April and May, and exactly when the weather warms up at 10,000' in northwestern Montana, the GTTSR may still be closed at Logan Pass well into June.

    Truth be told, the Beartooth Highway accessing Yellowstone from Red Lodge, Montana (a must-see if you decide to go to Yellowstone again, as it's simply breathtaking AND allows a traverse of the less-visited Lamar Valley inside the Park) may still be closed into late May/early June.

    Not to discourage you, but instead to make you aware of the late arrival of warm weather and the melting of snow at above-timberline parts of Montana. Both Glacier and Yellowstone can be researched for "average opening dates" of GTTSR and Beartooth Highway.

    Enjoy the planning and the RoadTrip!


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    Note that GTTSR and the Beartooth are already closed for the season. They are both also in the middle of reconstruction projects. If possible, they try to get them both open by Memorial Day.

  4. Default Can you make it mid june?

    The later in June you can wait, the better. I have visited Yellowstone twice in past few years,both June 15-25 time frame. It was still a little cold but all roads were open and wildlife was plenty. If leaving from Cincy, I would take I-70 to Colorado and drive through Rocky Mountain National Park starting on the west end toward Estes Park. After some incredible views, head north toward Cheyenne, WY and into Jackson Hole. With Yellowstone Park, Cody, Custer, Mt. Rushmore, Badlands NP, and maybe even the Corn Palace in Mitchel SD on the way home. Glacier would be nice but it will take later in the month or maybe July to have great weather for the drive, not to mention 2-3 days more driving. I dont know if you have been to RMNP in Colorado, but the drive through the park on Trail Ridge Road in awesome! Just over 12,000 ft if i remember correctly, it is the highest elevation of any continuously paved highway in America.

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