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    I'm going on a cross country trip to Vegas with friends and we're looking for any odd/interesting/funky places to stop in our journey. We're going to be taking route 40W.

    Any tips and suggestions would be helpful and greatly appreciated! :)

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    "Odd stuff" you can find on roadside America, such as the Cadillac ranch in Amarillo, but what type of thing do you find interesting or "funky". How long have you got for the journey ? I would allow 5 day's for the drive each way [if it's a return journey] and look for different routes out and back. You could stay in a Wig Wam in Holbrook AZ and I certainly find the Grand canyon interesting.

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    Go to and enter some of the cities you will pass through. It gives very unique places to stop and see. Plus you can add some from where you live!

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