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    Hi. My partner and I want to move from Olympia, WA to Iowa State by car this winter. We're trying to figure out the safest route to travel during the winter, with the least amount of snow. Any ideas?


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    It's impossible to say what the weather will be like in the future, but given that the Interstates are normally considered high priority corridors for commerce and travel, I would suggest sticking with them on your route. Check the weather a couple of days before leaving and you'll be able to determine whether, for example, I-90 or I-84 to I-80 would make more sense for your trip.

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    My mapping software says that the fastest route is I-5/WA-18/I-90/I-35. Unless there are localized conditions, there's no reason to go south. I-5/I-84/I-80/I-35 is about 60 miles and 1 hour longer.

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