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    Alright so everyone has a story and this is mine .... I am 15 and I have seen my siblings be protected an nurtured all their adolecent lives and then get to the end of senior year and decide to be to speak and then reach the abyss of adulthood and leap right in to it then fall flat on their but with no one around to hep them up and they realize that life isnt what we've been brought up to be that they're in the real world now with no real world knowledge and so I have decided to start my descent in to adulthood with a little bit of freedom and the attitude to not waste a second on things that dont matter my motto in life is that if I die tomorrow I dont wanna have one single regret I wanna see the real world and be amazed not scared to death so I have decided that after high school i'm gonna take a year off just traveling around whether it be america or europe I havent quite decided yet i'm thinking vacation with my best friends in europe for a month then i'll road trip it around america I wanna have a blast I want stories to tell my children when they are older I wanna experience different things and then once I've finished my road trip and experienced different lives I can choose which one I want for the next part of my life so I would like if all of you could give me some advice on different thinks you've discovered from your travels such as what kind of vehicle is best what should i bring with me and what the best sights are like what areas to go to in what seasons and any other tips you think I should know would be great thanks to all!!!!!!

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    Sorry, but that's not the way it works. You don't get to wake up one morning at the age of 15 and declare yourself a mature adult. And even if you could, disavowing all responsibility and going on a RoadTrip to find yourself is not the way to do it. Quite frankly, travel, like sports, television, games and other forms of entertainment, is one of those "things that don't matter". Your list of questions are basic enough to reveal that you are clearly unready for such an undertaking. To list just one obvious problem, you are too young to rent or buy a vehicle in any of the areas you have proposed traveling in. I strongly suggest that you continue to take life lessons from your parents and older siblings, stay in school, and seriously prepare to face the future. Your current plan might sound like fun, but it is simply the wrong way to go.


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    I'm sorry AZBuck but I have given alot of thought to this and its not just that it sounds like fun its more of I'm following my dreams II have no intention of becoming like my parents or siblings dont get me wrong I've had a great life but everywhere I've lived everyone is snobby and/or dont care about what the actual meaning of life and success are...Life is about experiencing things to the fullest not living for money my parents taught me that if you live your earthly life as a servant that in heaven you'll be rich for eternity and I'm not talking about money I'm saying you will be happy truly happy like you were when you were a kid before you knew anything about the "real world" I'm not gonna live my life the way I've only seen my family do whether it be "successful and rich" or "the wrong way and poor" I want to see things that I've only dreamed of I want to be a whole new person I'm not gonna waste my time with things that in the end dont essentially matter so I've decided I will finish out highschool and get my diploma now whether I go to college a year later or 5 I don't know and I don't care I'm gonna figure out what its like to live with no regrets to watch the rolling hills as i drive by to see the happiest people in the world who have nothing but everything I want to touch the soul of every person I meet if I can I've been given 3 chances at this life already and who knows if I'll get a fourth so I'm gonna live my life with no regrets my idea of success is raising a family and before I settle down I want to travel because thats what I love to do....I love traveling, making jewelry, organizing, doing puzzles, and playing with kids so I'm gonna do what all of us say we're gonna do but few ever do ..... I'm gonna follow my dreams to where ever they take me!!!!!!

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