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    Default Where to overnight between Milwaukee and DC

    We just started planning our very first family road trip. It looks to be a two week journey in August 2011. I'm 43 and I surmise that anything more than six hours or so of driving would probably do me in. The first leg of our journey takes us from Milwaukee to DC. I'd like to overnight somewhere between MKE and DC on the Turnpike (80 90). Geographically that looks like maybe around Fremont, OH.

    Anyone stop along that stretch? Recommend a sensible place to overnight? I'd welcome your input.

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    Default The 'numbers'.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sorry, I can't help with a place to stop, but you will need to decide upon whether to drive for more than a 6 hour day, or to stop for another night and finish your journey on day 3. Someone with more knowledge of the area than me will come along, but I would estimate it is at least a 14/15 hour journey.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    When you map something out on google maps you have to take the time with a grain of salt. The general rule is to add 25% to the time that google maps gives you. A 10 hour drive would take about 12 and a half hours, for instance. With that said the total drive would take about 14 and a half hours from door to door. Adding the 25% would make your total time about 18 hours when including stops for food, fuel, and general stopping breaks. You would be on the road for 9 hours a day. To do only 6 hours a day you would have to break it up into 3 days.

    For a two day trip I would stop anywhere in the Cleveland area
    For a three day trip I would stop in Angola, IN and in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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    I have stayed at the Super 8 at exit 71 (I-280) on the east side of Toledo. It's fairly reasonable and clean. Go north one exit, turn left, at the T turn right. The truck stop you will pass is the closest restaurant and the food is okay, typical truck stop.

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    Default A Bit Farther, Perhaps

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Halfway in miles is not necessarily halfway in time, and there are other factors to consider such as you are likely to be fresher the first day, and may want to have a little extra time to find your ultimate destination in the DC area. Both of those factors argue for going a little bit farther than Fremont. Also in favor of staying on the road just a bit more the first day is that just east of Fremont you will start to have many more lodging options as you proceed around Cleveland. So I'd suggest that you look for motels near exits 8 or 9 of the Ohio Turnpike (just do a net search on {motels Elyria Ohio} and {motels North Ridgeville Ohio} and see what pops up that meets your budget, tastes and needs.


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    Default Wow ...

    What a fantastic forum this is ... I posted my question, grabbed some dinner, and came back to five responses. I can't tell you how grateful I am to find a group of such experienced and helpful people. Thank you! We didn't do much traveling growing up so this is all pretty new for me.

    You know, your suggestion to go three days instead of two makes sense to me. I guess I didn't fully appreciate how long a journey that was to DC.

    We love more historically noteworthy or educational stops (although my wife can be a sucker for those "worlds largest ..." destinations). We'd like to visit Hershey PA, Gettysburg, PA and then DC. There's so much to see right in that area. It's going to be tough to decide on the order of things.

    ... however, we need to get there first. I'm all for doing two overnights ... just wish our overnight towns had even something small or noteworthy to see along the way. It would make it a little more interesting. You know what I mean?


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    Have you considered taking a different route than I-94 through Chicago to the toll roads? Take a look at I-43 to Beloit, I-90 to Rockford, I-39 to Bloomington, I-74 to Indy, I-70 to Washington PA, then I-79 to I-68 back to I-70?

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    Maybe I'm biased because I drive I-43 from Beloit to Milwaukee 5 days a week, but I'd never go an hour west from Milwaukee all the way to Beloit/Rockford on a trip to DC - especially when you've got a driver that wants to limit their driving to 6 hours a day. You'd barely even get out of Illinois on the first day that way!

    I would certainly consider taking I-70, but I'd still go through Chicago and take I-65 to Indianapolis. That saves a good 120 miles vs. going all the way over to I-39, and it would take a whole lot of tolls and traffic to make up that difference.

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