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    This will be my first post and first time making a cross country trip solo. As a seasonal worker on the east coast I am planning to spend the winter in Tahoe so this drive is more practical and I dont have many specifically planned stops. However, I am open to suggestion.
    What I am concerned about is determining the best route to take if I am driving out in early to mid November. Are there any roads I should avoid? Im just using standard google directions as my guide.
    Also, I was wondering how long I should spend getting out there. I know its more up to personal limits, but I was hoping for some personal experiences.
    I have plenty of questions but I figure Ill start off with the basics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default The Basics Then

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First off, there's simply no way to know the weather more than a few days in advance, so even when you are literally on the road leaving Raleigh, you won't have any idea of what weather to expect west of say, Cheyenne. The only thing you can do is to plan on the shortest route to minimize your exposure to foul weather and build in a day or two to just sit out any major storm you may run into. The shortest route and the best maintained roads nearly always means using the Interstate System, the very roads that Google Maps is going to suggest, basically I-77/I-64/I-70/I-29/I-80. At a relatively relaxed pace with no serious sight-seeing, you should plan on around 5½ days for the drive with, as noted, another held in reserve


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    Default The NC side of this trip

    Hello AroundBarstow,

    I've enjoyed major parts of your planned trip in recent times. Allow me to suggest a slight alternative as you depart our fair city of Raleigh:

    I'd go west out I-40, through Asheville, NC and Knoxville, TN to Nashville, TN. Take the bypass loop around the northeast side of Nashville to I-24 north. Keep that through Paducah, KY, to I-57 north. Then I-57 north to I-64 at Mount Vernon, IL. My mapping software tells me it's but 20 miles farther from Raleigh to Mount Vernon by the above route when compared to going up I-77 out of Winston-Salem, etc. For that 20 miles extra you get to avoid some serious up-and-down in VA and WV, particularly the lousy 130 miles from Wytheville, VA to Charleston, WV, and you avoid the truck-choked industrial corridor from Charleston to Huntington, WV. Also skipped are centers of urban congestion at Lexington and Louisville, KY and a surprisingly hilly stretch of I-64 west of Louisville in southern IN.

    Also, have a look at your mapping software and a paper map and you'll decide upon taking Nebraska Route 2 off of I-29 from just inside the Iowa-Missouri state line (mile 9 or 10 or so) west to Lincoln, as I-29 continues for many miles farther north to I-80 near Omaha while I-80 then loops right back to the south at Lincoln. NE 2 is 4-lanes all the way, a few stoplights in the Lincoln suburbs, and then you're right on I-80 west for the balance of the trip.


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