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    Hello fellow road trippers! I am planning a cross country road trip from mid July to mid august. I live in Blacksburg, Va and some stops I want to make are Coeur d'Alene, Id/ Seattle, Wa/ Portland, Or/ Los Angeles/ Las Vegas/ Grand Canyon/ and Denver, Co. My questions are- do you think this trip is doable in this amount of time and also any tips of other places to go, roads to drive, attractions to see, or any other Tips would be much appreciated! Also an estimate on how much this would cost would be great
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    The trip you've described is going to be around 6750-7000 miles by the time sight-seeing side trips are added in. It will run about $3,000 (not including gas) plus or minus a fair bit depending on your lifestyle on the road. Gas costs will depend on your vehicle's mileage and the price4 of gas at the time of the trip, neither of which I know. You'll need to cover about 250 miles a day, on average, so a maintainable pace but not a lot of excess time to spend anywhere en route. Major attractions along the way would include the Badlands and Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Pacific Coast, Monument Valley, Arches National Park and St, Louis. Anything further would need a lot more input from you, so start studying your maps and seeing what interests you.


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    Default The calculator.

    You can get an idea of fuel costs by using the RTA fuel cost calculator. Along with Buck's info you just need to estimate fuel cost and know roughly how many mpg your vehicle uses.

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