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    Hey there

    Just came across the website and after reading previous posts i feel that i could get alot of information from you guys.

    Myself (Australia) and my brother (England) are planning a road trip in march 2011 which will be from LA - New York and we have 3 weeks to do this with $3000 (USD) each for the trip flights have been paid for but we need to rent a car with this we are wanting an SUV or convertable as we are wanting luxury and smooth driving we are both 30 so we wont need younger driver charges.

    So we are wanting to know where we can get quotes for the car hire? also we are looking to take the route of LA - LAS VEGAS - ALBUQUERQUE - OKLAHOMA - TULSA - MISSOURI - ILLINOIS - CHICAGO - NEW YORK which might change as we are just looking at city to city to see what will be there for us and what interests us, but Las Vegas is a must as my brother is yet to go there but dosnt shut up about it lol!

    Im not to sure if this time frame is enough but thats all we have to do it in also hoping that $3000 each will be enough as sharing hotel/motel rooms is cool.

    With doing the trip and the route we want to take with the time limit, do companies do relocation cars where they need the car taking back to the place of origin?

    Well i look forward to the help guys!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I will say that say you're looking at a convertable or an SUV is a rather odd pair of options just because they are on opposite extremes in terms of what they offer. And honestly, if you want luxury and smooth driving neither of them would be anywhere near the top of my list. I'd be looking for a full-sized sedan, which is going to give you a much smoother ride than a truck or a sports car.

    As far as quotes, there are tons of places to looking. Doing an internet search will come up with pages upon pages, You can even get quotes on this site by clicking the travel tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.

    Basically all of the places you are looking at fall into one of 3 broad categories, directly with the companies (avis, budget, hertz, etc), through a travel agency (expedia, travelocity, etc) that gives you quotes with those companies, or through a 3rd party booker where you make the reservation directly with that company and then they set up the rental. Third party sites are more commonly located in the UK/Europe/Australia, and they can offer great deals to foreign travelers, but you have to be a little more careful to make sure the company is legit.

    There are companies that deal with relocation and offer cars for almost nothing, however, they likely wouldn't work well in your situation. You need to be very flexible in your starting/ending points based on what they have available, and you're then traveling on a much more rigid timeline where your ability to sightsee would be more limited - for a cross country trip, you'd likely be expected to complete the trip in 7-10 days, not 3 weeks.

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