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  1. Default First trip to the US!! Very excited but need help XD

    Hello, guys! My name's Agustina, and I'm from down under. No, not Australia, but Argentina, lol. Anyway, I'm planning my first trip EVER to the US for next week, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

    I'll be staying in Maryland for two weeks, since my boyfriend has a work conference there, and I wanted to know what I can do while I'm there. I was planning to visit New York and Washington, are there any other places you recommend? I'm renting a car, but I'd also love to travel by train or ferry if it's possible. Also, NY and Washington are BIG, which places are a MUST? I'd like to know if there's any way I can go to a play or musical and not spend a lot of money. I'd also LOVE to see a match or game, any sport is fine XD Also, jazz clubs?

    Now to the real road-trippy part of my post. After Maryland, we're driving all the way to Florida. I saw online there are two routes, one that's on the coast, and the other that's more mainland. Which is best? We must go through North Carolina, because my boyfriend's got an aunt there. Which are the best places to see? We're both in our twenties, we enjoy hiking and the wildlife, but some culture (especially of the musical kind =D) would be awesome.

    And finally Florida. We'll be staying a few days there. I would LOVE to go to the parks, mostly Universal, Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Do you guys know where I can find cheap tickets for that? I'd also love seeing alligators and traveling in those boat-things through the Keys. Maybe going to a nice beach too.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    You have no choice but to go through North Carolina on your way to Florida, unless you were heading much further inland, from Maryland.

    If you are planning on visiting New York City on a day trip from Maryland, be prepared for a long day of driving on the nation's most heavily traveled road sections. I wouldn't recommend it, unless you were planning on staying a few days over in the New York City area. Baltimore to New York City is roughly 190 miles.

    As far as seeing a play and not spending a lot of money - check for "community theater" in the areas you will be visiting. A quick Google search gave several jazz club options in the DC area. Not having been to any of them, I can't vouch for them either.

    Where in Maryland will you be staying?

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    As Tim pointed out, the drive between Baltimore/Washington and New York is neither scenic nor relaxed, This would, in fact, be a great place to get in a train ride. If you can do without a car while you are in Maryland (I'm going to assume that your boyfriend's conference is in Baltimore) then you can take the train (Amtrak) to New York, where you also won't need a car, and back to Washington before you have to take on the added expense of an automobile.

    There is no 'best' route down the east coast. I'd use whichever route takes you closest to your boyfriend's aunt's house. There are several ferries in North Carolina, mainly serving Pamlico Sound and the Outer Banks, and while not a ferry service per se, there is a very nice boat service out to Fort Sumter National Park in Charleston harbor (South Carolina).

    I also agree with Tim regarding community theater in many of the larger cities you'll be in. For relatively inexpensive theater in New York, ask about some of the off-off Broadway locations such as Greenwich Village, the East Village, and Soho.

    The Keys may be a bit far to travel just to ride an airboat and see some alligators, so check out the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia instead.


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