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    Default 2 Week Road Trip- US South & Texas - Need $$ saving tips & must see attractions!!

    Hello! My boyfriend & I are planning a 2 week road trip in December. We're starting in Louisville, KY and will be driving through Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock and Dallas to Austin, TX. From Austin we are going to San Antonio and on to Houston then New Orleans before heading back to Louisville through Birmingham and Nashville. We plan on spending the most time in Austin & New Orleans. :)

    We are looking for money saving recommendations because we'd love to make this an adventure that won't break the bank! Perhaps there are some off-season discounts out there. :) We would also love recommendations on must-see attractions and restaurants that are unique & affordable along with road trip tips!

    Thank you for your time & help!

    Happy travels to all!

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    Default 2 week road trip-US South & Texas

    There are many places to see along this route. What are some of your interests so we may help with the "MUST SEE" places.

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    Thanks for asking! We really enjoy music, art, trying local cuisine & spirits, festivals, historic places & unique or quirky attractions. :)

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    Hotels will be your biggest expense.
    How big is your vehicle? Can it sleep two?
    If so, then sleep in your car every other night.

    It is legal and safe to sleep in Walmart parking lots or National Parks.

    In the far corner of the Walmart parking lot you will see a group of RVs parked. Park your car near them.

    Truck stops are also a good place to sleep. They have showers you can rent also.

    Don't try to save a few dollars by sleeping at some run down flee-bag motel. I'd rather spend 70 for a Marriot, then 45 for Motel 6.

    Get Good Maps. AAA has very good maps.

    Join AAA for maps and motel discounts.

    Explore some scenic back roads.
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    Default not exactly

    a couple words of caution about the above advice.

    First, I'm not a big fan of sleeping in a car, especially when you've got 2 people. A car usually makes a poor subsitute for a bed, and there are very few cars where 2 people can really get comfortable. Throw in the fact that this is a winter trip, and you're going to need some very heavy duty camping gear to stay warm anyway (sleeping with the engine/heater running is a good way to stay sleeping forever via CO poisoning!). Personally, I'd much rather spend $50 on a cheap motels like a motel 6 and get a good night sleep than end up being miserable by cutting this corner (I rarely find that upgrading to a upper end motel chain is worth the money, but that's a personal preference). Camping is also an option, which I'd rather do than sleep in a car, but you'll still need winter gear to do that in December.

    If you do sleep in your car, there are a few things that have been said that aren't exactly accurate.

    First of all, it is not always legal and safe to sleep in a walmart parking lot. Several communities in fact have created ordinances banning this practice. Many of them do allow it, but any time you are dealing with private property you need to make sure overnight parking is allowed. Truck stops are usually a better bet.

    Similarly, if you are parked in a National Park and not in a designated campsite, there often can be areas where you are or are not allowed to park overnight. Make sure you check with a ranger before you make the assumption.

    If you really want to save money for your trip, I'd look at avoiding restaurants as much as possible. You'll save a ton of money by packing a cooler and cooking your own food. Here are more ideas for saving money on the road.

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    Thanks for the advice! As far as lodging is concerned, we have decided to rent a room in Austin & New Orleans that have private baths and kitchens which we're getting great deals on since we're coming in December. They are vacation properties that the owners rent out. We're happy to have a kitchen so we can save money on food by not eating out as much. :) We're staying 1 night in Memphis and are doing "Name Your Own Price" on Priceline for a hotel room. We've received incredible deals doing that in the past!

    Thanks again!

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