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    Afternoon. Me and some friends are looking into taking a road trip across America next summer (2011). We've only just started looking into it now and obviously need to save up some money before we cn start booking things.

    The plan at the moment is to rent a campervan and spent 1 month travelling from New York down through Virgina, Maryland, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and the California ending in LA. I don't know if those states are in the correct order but you get the idea.

    Would a month give us enough time to take in some of the best sights in each state? I want to try and fit in as many different areas as possible, from mountains to deserts. Would this journey allow this or is there a better route to take? I've also budgeted a total of £2500 each ($4000 +/-) for everything like campervan hire, flights, fuel, some accomodation, food etc etc. Is this enough or have I aimed too low. There are 5 of us so far.

    Any advice would be much appreciated

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Campers are usually an expensive option after you consider all costs compared to a car rental and Motels, but with 5 or 6 sharing the cost this is one of the times that it makes budget sense as well. Having said that, you should base it on a "Lifestyle" choice and make sure everyone is up for it, living in tight quarters for a month will test the best of friendships.

    You should also know that there will be quite hefty surcharges for any drivers under the age of 25, and under 21's won't be permitted to drive. With 5 of you and say a $15,000 budget after your flights are payed for, you should still be in quite good shape.

    It is possible to drive from NY to LA in about a week so you have plenty of time to explore, but simply put, there is no one "better route". You and your buddy's are going to have to do a little research and sit down together with a good map and decide what appeals to the group while trying to satisfy each individuals main goals. Nothing wrong with the places listed, but there are also some pretty impressive areas that are not listed, such as Colorado and Utah that you could venture into.

    It's early day's in your planning, so when you have researched and come up with more detail we can certainly help to fill in the gaps, but for now you have some work to do as a group.Try the compatability test as a light hearted way to get talks under way

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