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  1. Default HELP! Planning East coast to West Coast antiques and leisure road trip late December

    My husband and I love antiques. We live in California. We want to fly to the East coast (not sure what East coast city we should fly to begin our trip) then rent a car and drive back to California. We would be leaving on December 21, 2010 and coming back around January 1-2, 2010--we have about 9-11 days. We want to stop to the main great antique cities in the east and central USA (just starting to find out which cities are great for antiquing) and are concerned about the weather (renting a car we will need chains right?). Has anyone done a trip like this or has some suggestions on a route and itineraries for great antiquing areas we should not miss. We will be using our internet to book hotels depending upon where we end up each day. I really don't know where to begin given the amount of time we have. HELP!! (gulp). thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I have no idea at all where you'll have the best luck with antiques, so I really can't be of any help in that regard.

    I can however, see a number of challenges with the details of this trip that you'll need to think about.

    The first is that a cross country trip is going to require 5-7 days just if you drive full days (500-600 miles per day) every day. That does leave you with a few days for your shopping, but its not a ton of time and you'll have to budget your hours carefully.

    The even bigger concern is the time of year, for a couple reasons. Obviously, December is the middle of winter which means weather delays are a very big possibility. Its quite possible that you'll simply need to stay off the road for a day or so to let a storm pass, so that could chew up a little more time. Chains are more of an issue when dealing with drives in the Western Mountains, however, if you don't have experience with winter/chained driving and you're talking about Interstate travel, you're better off waiting until plow crews can do their job. Its also possible that using chains could be problematic with your rental agreement.

    Your travels aren't just in winter, however, they are also right in the middle of the Holiday travel season. That means if you have a problem with your first flight, it could be a major hassle to get to the east coast, the roads and motels will be packed with other travelers, yet at the same time, specifically on xmas and xmas eve, places like stores and restaurants will be shut down (getting gas shouldn't be a problem, but often gas stations are about the only places that are open).

    While I don't know anything about antiquing, I have to guess that most of the places you are looking for are going to be small, family run, type businesses, and its quite possible that some of them will be closed all week between xmas and new years, so you'll have to consider that as you research your stops too.

    None of these factors should prevent you from making the trip, but they are all things that could impact the ability to have the trip you are hoping for, and need consideration as you are developing a more detailed plan.

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    I'm not sure if you went ahead with your trip since you only posted once and didn't reply. But if you haven't taken your trip yet and do read this, or for anyone else, I would recommend making some stops in the Bucks County and Lancaster County areas of Pennsylvania. There is so much antiquing in these places! It has to be one of the biggest destinations in America for that. Check out towns like New Hope, Reading, and even across the river in NJ.

    Just a side note of trivia, I remember seeing on TV recently that one guy was antiquing in Lancaster county during the 80's and found one of the first copies of the Declaration of Independence in an old picture frame. It turned out to be worth over $2 million! Here's an article on this story:

    Who knows what you can find. Philadelphia is an old city and not too far from these areas.

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