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    I am planning a road trip with my sons in June of 2011. we will be leaving ohio n, traveling to Kansas and then on to arizona to see my father. Any suggeted routes. My sons want to go through colorado but that sems out of the way. how can i plan a trip like this. We have never done anything like this before.

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    Hi Pamela, welcome to RTA !

    With so many options available, and the fact we know nothing of your interests, how much time you have for your trip, or where in AZ you are headed, it is impossible to make meaningful suggestions.

    The road trip is an individual thing, and as a group you need to make those choices based on these factors. Yes, Colorado will add some miles, but is a beautiful State with many attractions, on the other hand every State offers lots in it's own way. I would sit down with a good map, look at your options, and start planning together, when you have some dots on the map we can certainly help to piece them together and make observations, but make it your own trip.

    If it is a return journey back to Ohio, look at different routes out and back to see different parts of the country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pamela View Post
    My sons want to go through colorado but that sems out of the way.
    Is there something specific they want to see in the state, or just a general interest in going to the state? I would suggest that if there is something specific, then perhaps there are other areas along the route that would also be of interest to them, and can be used for your overall planning.

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    We are traveling to Phhoenix Arizona. The reason for the trip is to see my father and we would travel back to ohio. We will leave on a Friday evening and would have to be back on the following Sunday so we would have a total of 9 days including travel days. I will be spending at least 3 of those days with my dad in phoenix so we have 6 and half days left to travel with. We have never really been no where and want to make the best of this so we are looking for suggestions. We are going to stop in Witchita Kansas to see my niece so that would be our first stop from Ohio. What map do you recommend? I was hoping to be able to plan a trip on here by putting in the destinations but don't see a way to do that.

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    Default Hardly time for the drive.

    I think you are under estimating exactly how long the journey is going to take. If you are leaving from Cincinnati, Wichita would still be too far for your first stop. You should figure on driving 5-600 miles in a day, which is 9-10 hours of driving with time for food, bathroom and mental health breaks while stretching those tired limbs, and of course to fill with gas. By the time you have started your day with breakfast and getting ready, and finished it with an evening meal and time to unwind before bed, it's pretty much a 12 to 14 hour day.

    Your trip out and back is pretty much a 7 day drive, yes 6.5 is possible but you are not going to have time for sight seeing, or detours to Colorado, just a little time where you stop the night and that what you see through your windshield.

    You can purchase maps from bookstores gas stations etc or on line as in the RTA shop above or you can simply map out a route using a mapping program such as Google. If you do this be sure to add at least 20% to there suggested travel times.

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    Pamela, regardless of the way your trip takes you and the amount of time you have, in my opinion the best stop you can make is the Grand Canyon. Since your trip will be June 2011 which is summer and a very high visitation time for the Canyon, may I suggest visit the north rim where fewer visitors go and the scenery is fabulous also. You can purchase a "road Atlas" at Walmart that has all 50 state road maps in it, that will fill the bill so you wont need 30 different maps for the sates you are planning. 6.5 days round trip for travel is ALOT of drive time. I am hoping you will not be the only driver.
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