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  1. Default New York to Boston... or Niagara?

    Hi, I'm coming to America for the first time next week and wanted to get some ideas about how best to spend the time. I'm flying in to New York and will have a week to explore North America with my husband. We were thinking about hiring a car and doing a road trip from New York to Boston, or maybe even driving up to Niagara Falls. We have to fly back from New York after a week, so either need to drive a circular route or get the train/fly back to NYC. We're pretty flexible about what we do and are happy to do a fair amount of driving, but I don't want to spend the whole week stuck in the car. We like culture/history/nature and food and wine. Any suggestions for must sees or good routes gratefully received!

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    Default Why Not Both?

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    The entire New York - Boston - Niagara Falls - New York loop is just a shade over 1000 miles, so it would require just two solid days of driving. The rest of your week could be spent enjoying those three destinations and the scenery and sights between them. Granted, a week is not a lot of time and you might be better off choosing just two cities, but you could do all three. To help you decide, here are some relatively recent discussions of those areas:

    NYC to Niagara Falls
    Washington DC to Boston via Niagara
    Boston to Niagara


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    Thanks - those links are really helpful. Will do some thinking and work out what we want to do!

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