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    Hello everyone,

    Me and my friend are planning trip from Chicago to LA in two weeks and could really use some help :)

    We are from Europe,came here for some travelling,so everything here is new for us.
    In two weeks time we would like to go on road from Chicago to LA,but we just can't decide which road to take.I know many of you took these roads many times so we would like to know what you,experienced travellers thinks...because our US friends here have no idea...
    So as I said,it's me and my girlfriend,we have Honda Civic,both driving but I'm not that experienced so it will be mainly her driving...planning to drive max.6 hours a day.
    We don't have any schedule,would be great if we can see some nice places but mainly we need fastest and safest road in this time of year.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!!!!

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    Default Time and interests.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Well the fastest way would be on Interstate, and the quickest according to my mapping program is I 80/76/70/15/10, but you have other options such as heading through Kansas on I70 or through St Louis down to I 40, both options only add a couple of hours to your journey time.
    I have not come across an "unsafe" road yet during my US travels that is part of the Interstate, Highway or By-way systems, so no problems there. You might want to keep an eye on weather forecasts and road conditions as you travel just to be forewarned of any possible delays.

    Ultimately, only you can decide which route to take based on what takes your interest, as there is no one "best" route. If you only wish to travel 6 hours a day, you should allow at least 6 days for the journey and around 350 miles a day. For instance if you headed for I40, your stops would work out around St Louis IL, Tulsa OK, Amarillo TX, Gallup NM, Kingman AZ.

    Study the map and see what interests you. Work out how long you want to take for the journey with time to see "nice places" and when you have some dots on the map and a time frame we can help to "fine tune" your trip.

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum! The quickest route will be to take the Interstate. Here you have a couple of options, with the shortest being I-80 to I-76 to I-70 then I-15 and I-10. Or, I-55 to I-44 to I-40 to I-15 then I-10. At 6 hours a day, this trip should take roughly 7 days to complete.

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