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    Hi All,

    Travelling over to the US in March 2011.

    Looking to stay for about 20 - 22 days arriving into New York and leaving from San Francisco
    Apart from that there is only 3 basic criteria...
    Must include
    (1) 4 - 5 nights in New York
    (2) 5 nights in vegas
    (3) 3-4 nights in san francisco

    The rest is road trip!
    Any suggested routes, points to visit along the way would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Too many places, too few clues.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A trip that takes you across the country leaves a lifetimes worth of possibilities to see along the way, and knowing nothing of your interests doesn't help to narrow it down. I think for now you need to look at a good map, research some more, and see what route has the most things that appeal to you.

    There is very little difference in travel time, when choosing from I 80, I 70 or I70/40 corridors across the country. If you use the maximum number of nights you mention in each of the City's and go for 20 day's, you won't have much time to spare, other than to drive and look around where you stop for the night, with it taking 5 to 6 full day's on the road from coast to coast.

    Have a look around and when you have a couple more dots on the map and decided on your time available for the road trip I am sure we could help with some detail.

    Enjoy the planning.

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    Default Interests?

    What are the things that most interest you? You have three cities listed in your itinerary already - is this a primary reason for travel, to visit different cities? Or do you want to mix it up and go to some of the natural wonders, perhaps some oddball museums, or small towns?

    More information in that regard would go a long way towards picking up valuable suggestions.

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    Thanks for your replys...

    It's all abit random, I have an interest in aviation so that needs to be a feature somewhere!

    As for times, days are flexible, we can afford to add a few days to the trip.
    Natural wonders are a must.

    Those cities are a must, new york because my friend has never been, vegas for the casinos and san francisco for the beaches! (unless you suggest anywhere better!)

    I was thinking about maybe flying into Chicago, driving from there to San Francisco via Vegas then fly back up to new york before heading home from there.

    I shall get a map of the US and start looking for inspiration!

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    Default On the beach.

    Once you have figured out some basics, I am sure we can help fill in the gaps, enjoy the planning !

    Although San Fran has a few beaches, it is not known as a beach location and the waters are much colder and more rocky than further South, and the picture you might have of "beach life" could be very different to that of SF. Great City though !

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    Default Up in the Air

    With a little bit of a detour, you can include several of the best aviation museums in the world. By first heading down to Washington to the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall and the Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles Airport. From there, head west on I-70 to Dayton, OH and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. On the less well known side, but still worth a visit, is Wichita. KS, home of the general aviation industry of the US and the Kansas Aviation Museum. and while they're not fixed-wing, the balloons of Albuquerque certainly qualify as aircraft. With another relatively short detour you can include the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air force in Mesa outside Phoenix.


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