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  1. Default A trip scheduled for June 2011 to move from Delray Beach, FL to Bend, OR

    Hi everybody! My fiance and I are planning on relocating to Bend next year after school lets out for the kiddos. We want to drive over, and plan on taking the route that Google is providing. We had originally wanted to camp all the way over, but quickly realized that would make our trip about 2 weeks long, at least! I was wondering if anyone knew of any nice hotels, spaced about 600-700 miles apart? I'm working on finding out this information by doing research online right now, but I figured I could ask people who've probably driven this route before and have a thing or two to say about it! I would prefer the hotels be nicer, but I don't want to spend more than $90/night. Bed and breakfasts are okay if you really liked them!
    We figure we'll be on the road for about 8 days, to give time for any random stops we feel like making along the road. Thank you so much ahead of time for your responses!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Unfortuantly with thousands of hotels options just along your route, and only a handful of regular contributors to this forum, it just really isn't possible for us to have a very good sample to provide good first hand details about specific motels. With your budget, you shouldn't have any problem finding nicer places, especially if you stick to smaller cities for your lodging, but you'll really need to look at one of the major travel booking sites or a site like trip advisor for reviews of specific property.

    I will say that planning to travel upwards of 700 miles a day, when you'll have to be on the road for several days is a bit more than we recommend - especially if you are traveling with kids. 600 (about 10-12 hours on the road) really is the upper limit, but if you've got 8 days, you really don't need to be driving even that much.

    I'd say if you want to camp, it really wouldn't have to take you 2 weeks. You can't travel quite as many miles while camping, just because you spend a little more time setting up and taking down, but you could still cover 400-500 miles a day pretty easily which would fit in with your 8 day goal.

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