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  1. Default Serious help needed: Atlanta - Nashville roundtrip

    Hi all

    I'm from South Africa and will be spending some time in Nashville at the end of October for a conference. I am flying into (and out of) Atlanta and have decided to drive up since I have not spent much time in the real South.

    My situation is as follows:

    I leave from Atlanta on the Monday and have to be in Nashville on the evening of the Wednesday - thus two available nights in between (conference starts on the Thursday). On the way back I have to take the straight route from Nashville to Atlanta (via Chattanooga) since I am more pressed for time (has to be done in one go).

    Now, which interesting places/routes can you recommend? I have considered Memphis (although it is a bit far) and also looked at some route going past Lynchburg (for Jack Daniels of course... it is Tennessee after all). Ideally I would've liked to see Little Rock but that is simply too far. Of course I could also consider driving up to Kentucky.

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!


    (PS - I would prefer not to drive the entire day each day, since I'm traveling alone)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's only about a 6 hour drive between Atlanta and Nashville but the most direct, all Interstate route, so you've got plenty of time to wander around a bit. And although you have listed only cities as possible destinations, I think you'd enjoy a bit of the rural South instead or in addition. You should at least consider heading out northeast from Atlanta, up to Great Smoky Mountain National Park before using US-70 and TN-55 across rural eastern Tennessee to Lynchburg.

    Another possibility is to head west from Atlanta on US-278 to Tupelo, MS (Elvis' birthplace) and then take the Natchez Trace Parkway/AL-25/TN-57/TN-42 up to Shiloh before heading over to Lynchburg via US-78.

    Neither of those two is terribly long. Both are well under 600 miles and so can be easily done in a few short days.


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