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    It might be too late but, my friends and I would like to do a fall foliage trip and have narrowed it down to Boston, NH and Maine the 2nd week in October for a week. I'm not sure what's the best route to take, that is head straight to Maine and come down or catch Boston on our way down. Of course we want to see the foliage so the scenic route would be preferable. We want to stay at least 3 days in Boston as there is so much history to see. We have 2 weeks to play with so we would like probably midweek to get the best rates in hotels/inns. All in we think 7 to 8 days should suffice, well, we think.

    Look foward to any and all suggestions as I for one have no idea where to start.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Actually, it's not too late - in fact, that would be an ideal time to head out towards New England. With the amount of time you have, there's nothing stopping you from traveling through all of the New England states.

    In order to "follow" the progression of foliage, you'd want to start from Maine and head south from there.

    I'm personally fond of the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. In Vermont, route 100 is considered a classic for this type of trip, and in New Hampshire, the Kancamagus Highway rates high, too.

    On your return trip to New York, you could head through the Berkshires in Massachusetts and into the Connecticut Litchfield Hills.

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