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    Default So little time but so much to see.

    We are planning our 2011 summer holiday and are flying out to Las Vegas from the Uk for 13 days before crossing to Orlando for a week.

    We have been to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon before before but would like to spend another few days in LV before visiting some of the other National parks in the Four Corners area.
    So far the list of places that sound interesting are - Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Moab, Mese Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe bend,.

    Obviously that's too much to see in the time we have so if any of them are repetitious or similar to another we could leave them out. Can anyone suggest the must see places we should visit?
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    Default Sounds familiar.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's a problem shared by most of us !

    If you could spare 10 day's for the road trip then it is possible to visit most things on your "wish list", but that will depend on at what pace you are comfortable with.

    From Vegas to Zion for a night and then leave next day around lunch for Bryce and spend another night. You could then take Utah scenic 12 to Torrey and the 24 to Capitol Reef NP. Depending on the time you leave Bryce will determine whether you make it to Moab or stop the third night on route. Nights 4 and 5 could be spent here and explore parts of Arches and Canyonlands. Head towards Mesa Verde NP for night 7 and on to Monument valley for night 8, and then towards Flagstaff for the last night before heading back to Vegas, possibly via Canyon De Chelley.

    To visit Antelope canyon, Horseshoe bend and Lake Powell you will need to drop others to make it manageable in my opinion. Without Mesa Verde you could drive from Moab through Monument valley and Canyon De Chelley to Holbrook, but you won't have much time at either.

    There are lot's of way's to juggle things and take alternative routes etc but it's whether you would prefer to do less in more depth or take a quick look at more.

  3. Default My choices, based on experience.

    There's no BAD choice in any of the places you want to go. But if it was me, here is what I would do over 10 days. (Leaving extra days in reserve)

    LV to Zion

    Zion (Narrows Walk for sure. This is one of the most spectacular places in the US!)

    Zion to Bryce (you can camp within a stones throw of the canyon!)

    Bryce (Take some beautiful hikes down into it)

    Bryce to Capitol Reef (You HAVE to walk to the edge of the Goosenecks. Awesome!)

    Capital Reef to Goblin Valley State Park. (A really neat place worth the detour, I believe. This is where part of the Tim Allen movie Galaxy Quest was shot. Remember the cute baby monsters!)

    Goblin Valley State Park to Arches National Park by way of scenic route 128, the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway. (Absolutely spectacular riverside canyon drive)

    Arches National Park

    Dead Horse Point State Park (Near Arches, with an unbelievable view)

    Back to Las Vegas. Or, return to your favorite park?

    You could do this in reverse, Head to Moab first and hit the parks on your way back.

    The reason I picked this route is that each park is a destination in itself, is unique, and is fairly close to each other. And ... that is what I would plan for myself! Gee, I'm thinking of planning another vacation out there now!

    If you have the time, then you could head south and hit Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, etc. But that will add a lot of miles and time. It's doable, but I think you'll want to spend extra time at some of the other parks. So many times, you plan a day at a park only to learn of other things you'd like to see there IF YOU HAD THE TIME. This way, you have the time!!! Lots of choices for you!

    Good luck. You'll enjoy whatever you see. This area is RICH in beauty.

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    Thank you for replying and for giving such good suggestions.
    We've been reading the guide book and checking the net and at the moment our kids (22 and 24) are particularly keen on seeing Monument Valley and Mese Verde.

    Our problem is in choosing what else to see. We do want to see something different to what we've seen before. So if I tell you we have previously been to Yosemite, Death Valley, Kings/Sequoia and the aforementioned Grand Canyon can you tell me if any of the locations I mentioned in my first post are similar to any of these and so we could afford to skip them in favour of another sight.

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    Default Not really.

    I'm sorry that it's not much help, but to be honest they are all pretty unique in their own way.

    The good news is that they are all amazing in their own right so you can't really go wrong !

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    I've got to tell you, even among the National Parks that are similar, there are enough differences between all of them to make them all worthwhile. If these were not unique locations, they wouldn't be national parks!

    Using experiences you already know, Sequoia and Yosemite are fairly similar, but did you think Sequoia was not worthwhile after you'd been to Yosemite?

    Similarly, Bryce and Zion are probably two of the most similar experiences you'll find among the Utah parks - but I don't know anyone who'd say if you've seen one you don't need to see the other.

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    Fair point Michael we enjoyed both Yosemite and Sequoia.
    I suppose we just have to pick which ones we like the sound of best and then figure out where to stop overnight and for how long. We'll just have to come back another time and visit the ones we leave out on this visit. :)

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    Ok I've spent most of this morning playing around with google maps and tripadvisor and have come up with the following itinerary _

    Day 1 - Arrive Las Vegas late afternoon
    Day 5 - Las Vegas to Zion
    Day 6 - Zion
    Day 7 - Zion to Bryce Canyon
    Day 8 - Bryce Canyon
    Day 9 - Bryce Canyon to Page
    Day 10 - Page to Monument Valley
    Day 11 - Monument Valley
    Day 12 - Monument Valley to Flagstaff
    Day 13 - Flagstaff to Las Vegas
    Day 14 - Leave Las Vegas at 22.00 to fly to Orlando

    Obviously I've left Mese Verde and Canyonlands out but I think Zion, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley deserve more than a quick drive through and would like to take some of the guided tours on offer at each site. Can you guys run your eyes over this and tell me if you think this is a more manageable itinerary which will allow us time to get a good appreciation of each site without being too rushed.

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    Default Relaxed

    Your itinerary is very manageable and will give you a nice amount of time, not only to explore the places you visit, but to enjoy the drives and places you stumble across along the way as well. Even though you have been before, I wouldn't let it stop you driving through the South rim of the Grand canyon once more. Between Zion and Bryce you could take a break at Red canyon and from Monument valley to Flagstaff, you will drive through Cameron, home of the Cameron trading post that has shops and restaurants.

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    Thanks Dave, I hadn't heard of the Cameron Trading Post and it looks like a good place to stop.

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