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  1. Default need advice - driving from So California to SE Florida

    We are driving from San Diego to Ft Lauderdale with a small dog in a moving truck with a car tow.

    We're going to try to make it in 4 days so there won't be time for "leisure" activities - we'll be driving for as long as we can safely tolerate and then pulling into hotels to sleep - Is this a realistic approach with a dog and a truck full of stuff? - I understand choice hotels usually take pets - We'll be taking 10 to I 75 to I 95 - Will it be easy enough to find hotels that will take a pet and have room to park a the 16' truck & towing a Honda? - How is the security? will our stuff be safe while we're sleeping? - please help we are leaving in 2 weeks

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    Default 6 day trip.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am afraid your plans are totally unrealistic, unsafe and will leave you exhausted. You need an absolute minimum of 5 day's, and 6 would be a lot better and what I would recommend. You are going to be lucky to see averages of 50mph over a day's driving in a truck that is towing a car and by the time you have some rest, lunch and bathroom breaks plus all getting a little exercise to stretch those tired muscles you will be looking at 13/14 hour days over a 5 day period. That might not sound much in a single day, but doing it day after day in an uncomfortable truck will wear you down real quick. Please try to find at least 2 more day's to do your trip to ensure you stay safe and arrive with your sanity in tact.

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    Default No way, No how

    I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Dave, trying to make this 2600 mile trip in a moving van while towing a car is just not a 4 day trip. Not only would that not leave time for leisure, it won't leave time for a reasonable amount of rest.

    Even if you were just driving a car, doing this trip in 4 days wouldn't be recommended, trying to do it while in a moving van while towing which means slower speeds and higher stress is really an accident waiting to happen. I completely agree 5 days is a minimum, and having a 6th day a very good idea.

    Pet friendly hotels aren't usually hard to find, but it does take a little bit of research. Different chains, and sometimes different locations, have different policies even if they are pet friendly (often there are limitations on the number and size of pets).

    If you are sticking to newer places right off the interstate, parking shouldn't be difficult, however remember if you are using a tow dolly (instead of a full trailer) that you can't back up at all, and you need to plan all of your stops carefully. Security is often a matter of common sense, making sure you keep everything locked up, and try to park where you can keep an eye on things if possible.

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