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    My husband and I are making the driev form augusta, ga to visit family in Indiana. we don't have a lot of time to see stuff along the way but are debating the route thru atlanta, chatanooga, Nashville, Louisville, Bloominton or through NC hitting Ashville, Knoxville, Lexington, Louisville, Bloominton.

    I've made the route through atlanta/nashiville before, but never the other route through NC. Is it a nice drive? any suggestions?

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    Personally, I take advantage of every opportunity which presents itself for driving new roads. Especially in this case, where the your journey is long enough (650 miles or so) that trying to do it in one day really isn't feasible, but short enough that you'll have plenty of time (over 2 days) to take some back roads and stop at a few attractions along the way. Roads and places you should be considering during your drive include the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway through western South Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the East Tennessee Crossing Byway, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, and the Red River Gorge Scenic Byway. Sounds scenic to me, particularly during fall foliage season..


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    It's always good to try out the road not traveled, unless there is a very good reason for not doing so. This is usually the way most of those "hidden gems" are uncovered!

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