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  1. Default Moving from San Diego to New York...Lets make a road trip out of it!!!

    First post. Cant remember the last time I joined a forum but this one excites me. My girlfriend and I have decided to drive to Brooklyn and make it our new home. (well her home again. my new home)
    The possibilities are endless. I have done most of my traveling outside of the united states and finally I have my chance to have a memory for a lifetime. I am 23 and my main concern (besides my girlfriend and I not killing each ther) is financing the trip. I still afterall need to survive in NY once I get there!

    Let me just add that we are shipping everything we need. and Ideally we would leave here around mid feb or march (maybe later depending on the weather in the states we travel in...still need to look into that)

    My questions are. I have tried in my head just over the past few minutes to think of how much this is really gonna cost me. Realistically this trip is gonna last in between 2 and 3 weeks depending on how we feel and probably most of all finances.

    Is this extremely simple break down reasonable.

    400 total for gas. ---I have a honda civic which gets pretty great gas milage this accounts on the road trip calculator for about 4000 miles which seems to over account for miles.

    then I break it down daily (this is per person)

    15 a day food --- we can eat out of coolers we figure and eat out maybe 2 out of every three days. Neither of us are huge eaters and with a hotplate and a cooler this seems to be about right in my head

    15 a day for lodging --- We are young. we plan to use sites like couch hopper and perhaps camping for about 2/3 of the nights we stay as well as friends houses and the other 1/3 or maybe 1/2 we would like to find cheap motels . that 15 a day accounts for a motel maybe 2/5 of the time.

    10 dollars a day extras --- you never know. parks movies etc cost money. we probably wont drink much and if we do a 5th of vodka in the cooler suites me fine for a night in.

    add to that perhaps some purchases at the offset like a stove and perhaps a national park pass and financially that makes sense i think...

    please let me know. is it too little. too much. The cheaper we can work it the longer we can stay out there but I dont think either of us are prepared to eat ramen 3 meals a day and sleep in the car.

    other then that I am itching for some routes. I have hardly seen anything in the U.S.

    I plan on buying a huge map in the next couple days but whats reasonal attraction wise to focus on if we are gonna take a southern route. (though we dont have to)


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    Default pretty good

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've done a nice job of breaking things down, and I think your per person expenses seem pretty reasonable.

    The one area that I'd be a little concerned is lodging. Personally, I'm not a couch-surfing fan (only because it doesn't match my personal style of travel, others here love it) but based on what I know from others on this forum, using the site only as a place to get a free place to sleep is frowned upon. My understanding is that you're really supposed to be a part of that community, sharing your own space first, and building a relationship in advance with those with whom you will be staying. With motels typically being a minimum of $50 a night, and campgrounds quite often costing $20 plus some extra for things like firewood, I'd be a little concerned that your average is a little low here.

    I'd also probably double your "extra" money. Even if you don't spend a lot of time going out for entertainment, you also need to consider just the misc. expenses that come up along the way. Also don't forget to also consider funds for repairs or other problems that could come up along the way.

    As far as routes, you really need to at least come up with your major stopping points first, because there's just too much out there to just start throwing out route ideas for a coast to coast trip. Getting a map will be a bit help, but in the meantime, keep looking around the forum, and of course check out the Roadtrip Routes section of this site.

  3. Default thanks for the reply.

    as far as the couch hopping is concerned. I am a part of the community and I do host people. I also really enjoy it so I do not see it as to much of a problem but I also believe you wholeheartedly (wow thats actually one word not two) when you say the planning portion for loding is a bit low. I will take that into consideration. Also the extra's. I will recalculate accordingly. As far as routes go....well I guess thats the big thing. I will have to start really doing my homework. There are so many options so once I pinpoint a few musts then perhaps the rest will become a little clearer.


  4. Default planning a southern (ish) route from SD to NY

    So i posted yesterday (its the post right before or after this one probably with most of the details.

    basically 2-3 weeks to drive one way to NY

    I just bought a map and pinned it up and knowing not much about the states i threw some pins in and figured maybe I can get some suggestions based on my key destinations.

    I am interested in scenic routes and small towns just as much as the big cities. I however dont know the names of any small towns so all my key spots are pretty big and obvious.

    this is how the pins look to me in order

    san diego
    colorado rockies somewhere. dont really know much
    austin texas
    murfreesboro tennessee (to visit girlfriends parents but this one is not a biggie)

    basically I would love suggestions based on any of the big ones and then other options to miss one or two. the only thing we both are really pumped about is the grand canyon. I feel like its an early goal for us that will really get us going for the big trip.

    little towns along the way.
    highways to take
    even specific things down to the best lunch around

    I would like it all. I am as excited about planning the trip as going on it.

    I am pretty spur of the moment but a journal full of great options would be amazing


    the highlighted ones
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    Default GC to Colorado.

    As you mentioned in your first post, "the possibilities are endless", and when you have 'nailed' things down a bit more I am sure we can help "fine tune" your trip. Just heading from Grand canyon to "Colorado Rockies somewhere" has so many options. There are NP's in Southern Utah such as Zion and Bryce canyon where you could 'hook up' with Scenic By-way 12 through Escalante and head towards Moab and Arches and Canyonlands NP's. You could head to Moab by heading through Monument valley on 163 to 191. If not, you could head to Durango [via Monument valley?] and up the wonderful "Million dollar highway" through the mountain towns of Silverton and Ouray to Montrose and US 50 past "Black canyon of the Gunnison" and Currecanti National Recreation area to Poncha springs. You then have the choice of heading North towards Rocky mountain NP, East to Canon City [Royal gorge bridge] or South to the "Great sand dunes NP". These are just a few of the possibles for this part of the trip and you will have to pick and choose what appeals to you the most, and how it fit's your time scale based upon other parts of your trip.

    murfreesboro tennessee (to visit girlfriends parents but this one is not a biggie)
    You sure about that ? ;-) Lol.

    So i posted yesterday (its the post right before or after this one probably with most of the details.
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  6. Default

    OK so. I have my big map. and I started placing pins.

    some places I really want to go and others I just stuck a pin in because it was on the way and the name sounded great.

    Does this seem reasonable for a 3 week trip. any advice would be helpfull

    san diego ca
    lake havasu city az
    grand canyon nation park az
    petrified forest national park az
    truth or consequences nm
    carlsbad caverns national park nm
    marfa tx
    san antonio tx
    austin tx
    toledo bend la
    baton rouge la
    new orleans la
    pensacola fl
    tallahassee fl
    savannah ga
    charleston sc
    jacksonville nc
    virginia beach va
    washington dc
    baltimore md
    philadelhpia pa
    brooklyn ny

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