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    I am thinking about driving to Los Angeles from Montreal Canada this December. I am prepared to take a week to make the trip. I would, if at all possible, like to minimize winter driving conditions. Is there a recommended southern route that could do the trick? I've tried Mapquest, but it looks like the weather for most of the trip will be wintry. I am prepared to add several hundred miles to the route if it means that I can avoid he snow. Thanks.

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    I'm sorry, but what you're asking for just doesn't exist. There is no southern route that can be assured of seeing clear weather in winter and many times trying to go south (especially if it involves adding additional miles) may actually increase your problems (for example, you might avoid a snowstorm, and instead run into freezing rain and ice). If you've added several hundred miles, and run into bad weather, now you'll have less "extra" time available and instead of using your time to wait for conditions to improve, you can pressure yourself into driving when you really should be off the road.
    I've tried Mapquest, but it looks like the weather for most of the trip will be wintry.
    How could you possibly know this without knowing an actual weather forecast? There's no way to know at this point what parts of the country will be seeing a snowstorm 2 months from now when you are on the road. During the specific time of your travel, Wyoming could be seeing a storm where you'd want to stay south, but its just as possible that Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas could be seeing storms while things are pefectly clear farther north.

    The real key is to actually see what the weather conditions will be when you are traveling. Look at the forecast to see where there is actually bad weather, which you won't be able to do until just before you leave, and make your decisions based on those facts - not the assumption that some areas will be clear and other areas will see storms only because of their latitude.

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    The fact is that there is no route starting in Montréal and crossing the Rockies in winter that can be guaranteed to be snow free, even if the weather report on the day of your departure says so. Your best bet is simply to take the most direct route (Toronto, Sarnia, Chicago, Denver) and hold the one spare day you'll have, in addition to the 6 days required for the drive, to be used in case of bad weather. Then if you do run into snow, simply spend that day somewhere waiting for the weather to pass over you and for the road crews to clear the road. If you have good weather all the way, enjoy the extra day in Los Angeles. But if you "add several hundred miles to the route" in an effort to avoid snow, you will have no choice but to drive through whatever conditions you encounter.

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