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    Default Florida to Wisconsin (Dells area), solo woman...

    Hi, I pulled up 3 sets of directions (AAA triptik, Google, Mapquest) and each gives me different directions. I will be driving from Miami to Wisconsin Dells and would like to know the best route? I would like to avoid that bad part of Cumberland Plateau if possible, where I have heard is one of the most dangerous parts of US due to steep slope/runaway trucks? Worried about that area, and going through the Smokies.

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    Default taking a breath

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First, I'd recommend that you relax a bit. If you are sticking to the interstates there are no severe slopes or sharp curves anywhere, because they're designed specifically to avoid those things, even in mountainous areas. Of course, you will be traveling through the mountains, and there will be a few things like runaway truck ramps, but those are really just an extra safety feature of these roads. As far as calling this one of the most dangerous parts of the US, frankly, that's just kind of silly. These roads are traveled by millions of people every day of the year, with very few issues - and the issues that are there are usually human caused things like people driving drowsy, drunk, or distracted.

    As far as route, there is never a one sized fits all "best" route, and the fact that different mapping programs are giving you different options just shows that there aren't many difference in your choices.

    But having said that, the route I'd take -and one of the variations of the path I have taken- would be to take the Turnpike/I-75 north through Georgia. I-24 from Chattanooga, through Nashville into Southern Illinois. Then use I-57/I-74/I-39 to take you up through Illinois (via Champaign, Bloomington, Rockford) and all the way into Wisconsin.

    The trip is a bit over 1500 miles, will require 3 full days on the road, with good overnight stopping points at Cordele Georgia and Paducah Kentucky.

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    Thank you, Midwest Michael.....
    I guess you are right about 3 days. I was going to shoot for 12 hours a day and stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner - thought that would break up the day nicely and would keep me energized - but I suppose I should do it in 3 days instead of 2.

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    I'm glad you've reconsidered. This is far too much to be doing in 2 days - even if you had multiple drivers. Doing it in 2 days as a solo traveler would be very dangerous, and far more than professional drivers are allowed to do. (their limit is roughly 600 miles a day, you'll be doing 525 each day on a 3 day pace).

    You should also know that you're already looking at being on the road 8-10 hours a day for a 3 day trip before you make any extended stops for meals, and there is no way you could physically complete the trip in 2 days being on the road for "just" 12 hours a day. Realistically, it would be a minimum of 14-15 hours on the road each day factoring in only the minimum stops for fuel, restrooms, and quick on the go food.

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