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  1. Default Badlands Trip 2011

    I am looking at a possible road trip starting and finishing in Chicago in September 2011. There will be four guys, two flying in from the UK and joining two flying in from Florida. One of our party will see a signature birthday and his wish is to see some of the 'Old West'. We will have about 7 days for our trip and we thought a drive through the Badlands may fit the bill. Would appreciate all advice and suggestions. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think a trip out to South Dakota would make for a nice week long trip from Chicago. In addition to the Badlands, I'd be looking to visit the Black Hills, Deadwood, and maybe even stretch out as far as Little Bighorn in Montana, before heading back via North Dakota.

    In regards to your poll question, you should know that in the US, B&Bs tend to be quite a bit different than what you might be used to in the UK. Here, they tend to be more high end places designed more for a romantic couples getaway than for a group of guys looking to explore the west. Finding them also involves quite a bit of research, as opposed to cheap hotels (either chains or mom and pops) that are located in most any town, especially ones located right off the interstate.

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    Rapid City has great hotel accommodations. I just returned from a trip a month ago out there and the place is unbelievable. You can easily take one day at the Badlands State Park and the view is unbelievable. Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial are great for another day as well. At night, Rapid City is great for restaurants and a quiet walk through the streets lined with presidential statues.

    Little Big Horn is quite the ride on two lane road from Rapid City on US 212. I went that way last month as well. It easily took half a day and I don't remember any hotels, or even towns, anywhere near there. 212 is pretty barren, too.

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    Thanks Midwest Michael I am grateful for all suggestions, yours looks like something that would work. Poll question kind of answers itself for an all guys trip, cheap hotels it is.

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    Thanks Jimzdj36 all suggestions greatly appreciated.

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