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    Default LA to Florida and in between in 3 weeks

    Hi we are coming from Australia and are hoping to hire a motorhome and with a basic itinerary travel from LA - Vegas - Rockies (Grand Canyon Mt Rushmore etc) -Colorado - Florida. Unfortunately we have to Leave LA in the middle of Feb 2011 and are a little concerned about the weather and is 3weeks long enough? We are hoping our basic plan will have us following the warmer weather. We have other plans for the east coast and Canada and then at the end of our trip would love to take the magical drive from San Fran to LA over 4-5 days. Any suggestions would be great

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It takes about a week to drive directly across country, so you've got that to start with. However, that's going fairly direct, and your plans have you zig-zagging north and south.

    You're also planning your trip in the middle of winter, which means you need to expect to see some weather delays. Over 3 weeks, you'll almost certainly find a few times where you'll simply need to have a down day where you don't do much other than watch the storm pass.

    So, yes, you'll be able to make this trip in 3 weeks, but you won't have much time extra to spare.
    LA - Vegas - Rockies (Grand Canyon Mt Rushmore etc) -Colorado - Florida.
    Just so you know, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota are more than 1000 miles apart and on the opposite sides of Colorado. I'm also really not sure what you mean by following the warmer weather, but I don't think that's what you'll be doing here at all - nor is it really possible to do on a cross country trip in February. I also don't really know why you would be waiting to do the SF-LA coast drive till the end, because you'll likely save some money by doing this all together, and you'd also push the rest of your trip back a little bit, although I don't think it would be enough to have a significant impact on the weather you'll see.

    I will also say that going via RV may not be the best choice for this trip. Simply put, it is going to be cold for much of your trip, and in much of the country - but especially through the rockies and northern US- you'll find that campgrounds are closed for the season. You'll also have to check out the winterization of your RV, because if your RV isn't ready for below freezing temperatures you can have major (and expensive) problems with the water tanks and lines.

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    Default The full picture.

    Hi there, glad you found your way to the forums !

    From your message I understand that you have 8 weeks in total for your visit to the US and Canada so it might be an idea to put all your plans/thoughts out on the table now, so that we can build to the full picture.

    Michael has pointed out the problems you could face with your current plan when travelling in an RV at this time of year, and is something to consider when building your itinerary. With 8 weeks have you considered driving in a complete loop back to where you started rather than changing modes of transport? Another option might to be explore some of the Southwest in a loop, [there is much to do in Cali, Arizona, Nevada, Southern Utah and Colorado for instance] then fly to the East coast and do a similar loop or a one way trip back to the West on a more Northerly route.
    Do a little research, have a think and come back with what you have for definite and then we might be able to help fill in the gaps.

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    thanks for replying so quickly. Will take on board all your thought and suggestions.

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    great suggestions thanks Dave. Will get back to the "drawing board". thanks again. Delys

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