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    Hi. I've been reading some of the threads and need some specific planning info from you experts. We will be spending a weekend in Portland and will be taking off on Sunday morning for the coast and then Vancouver and flying out from Seattle. If we have 4 nights ..what do you suggest for the Oregon coast and Vancouver/Victoria area? Thought perhaps two nights in Vancouver but not sure of how to best use the coast time. Thanks.

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    Default A Short Weekend in Portland

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    My two favorite attractions in the Portland area aren't in Portland, but outside it to the east and west along the Columbia River. To the east, the Historic Columbia River Highway offers some great views of the Columbia Gorge and several short hikes into spectacular waterfalls. To the west, there's another historic attraction, Fort Clatsop, where the Lewis and Clark expedition reached the Pacific. In Portland itself, I'd recommend a day strolling the many gardens and museums of Washington Park.


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    Thank you so much for this info. Do you have any recommendations as to the Oregon coast? We will leave Portland on a Sunday morning and have Sunday night and Monday nights before we head to Vancouver. Thanks.

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    Have a look at a previous posting by PNW Judy for some excellent ideas about the Oregon and Washington coast towards Seattle / Vancouver.

    Route 101 runs adjacent to the coast where you can drop off to places of interest. And don’t forget there is a ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria.

    Have a great trip.

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    I'm gettin closer to an itinerary. We are leaving Portland on Sunday morning and heading to Cannon Beach and then up to Astoria en route to Vancouver. Should we go to Port Townsend or the San Juan Islands on our way? We have one full day and night after spending the day in Wesport. Also..Do we go to the rainforest? Should we spend two days in Vancouver or spend one of those in Victoria? I'm so confused. Didn't have time to plan this trip that well. thanks.

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    Well, you've already left on your trip but for for those following her questions, here's my favorites (I'm a NW native). Oregon coast from Newport to Lincoln City is a super drive (10 miles) with lots of stops to see the ocean, lighthouses, discount mall, casino, great little seafood restaurants, etc. The weather from October through May is windy, foggy, and/or rainy so have a heavy slicker with a hood. In Washington, my favorites are: Port Townsend and then the Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria (take your passport to get home), the rainforest (the west side of the Olympic Mountain is the best to see it) but is not easily accessible, Longbeach peninsula at the very southwest corner is great in the summer...take your kites or buy one at the many shops. You mentioned Westport but that is a dreary commercial fishing village...unless you like to fish. The state ferry system to the San Juan Islands is a great treat. In Seattle do the Pike Street Market and then walk 2 blocks to the Seattle Art Museum. In Portland I always do Powell's Books (a huge new and used bookstore), walk downtown to the museums and restaurants, go to the city's rose garden (they also have a rose parade). If you are a gardener, it's Swan Island Dahlias south of Portland in the early fall. MBR

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