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    Hello All,

    I need help planning a road trip from Southern Oregon to Arkansas in either January or February. Flexible with either month so not sure if either would give me a difference in weather along the route? For instance would weather be any more improved in February vs. January?? Also thinking about I-5 down and then cutting over to I-40 to Arkansas. I am pretty familiar with I-5 but not at all with I-40. What should I expect weather wise throughout I-40 in January/February. There will be two females in their 20's on this trip and while we are not afraid of driving in winter weather I don't think we are too comfortable driving in severe weather. Would it be worth taking a more southern route into say Louisiana and heading back up to Arkansas? Would it make a difference weather wise?? Time is not really a factor we have about 2 weeks for this road trip there and back. Any information would be much appreciated!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Simply put, there is no way to have any idea what the weather will be 3-4 months from now.

    Every cross country route can and does see winter weather at times, so trying to find a route that will always see good weather is simply impossible. Going south is by no means a sure fire way to avoid winter conditions, as even I-10 will occationally see poor conditions and closures, and by going south you often run into ice instead of snow, and road crews that aren't as adept to getting the roads in passable condition.

    There are two rules of thumb for planning a winter trip:
    Take the most direct route - because the less time you are on the road, the less likely you'll see a winter storm.
    Look at the Specific Weather Forecast - That means 2 days before your trip, not 2 months. If there appears to be a storm in your path, and there is an alternate route that is similar in distance, then go that way. However, if an alternate route starts adding 500 miles to your trip that means you'll need to be on the road an extra day, and in that case, you're better off just using that extra time to wait out a storm on a more direct route.

    In your specific case, depending upon where in the large targets of "southern oregon" and "arkansas" you're talking about, your best bet will likely be simply to take I-5 to CA-58 to I-40, however a route using 2 lane roads cutting over to I-80 in Nevada and then take that across to through Wyoming or even Nebraska before heading south are also reasonable options. Taking I-10 all the way to Louisiana and then going back north is a perfect example of a 500 mile detour that would simply add more time, and could still easily see winter conditions.

    It should also be noted that you should plan on this taking 5 days each way on the direct route. You could likely do it in 4, but that would be starting to push it, and planning for 5 gives you some flexability and won't cause you to force yourself into thinking you need to keep moving even if weather conditions break down.

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