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  1. Default Denver to San Francisco Road Trip Mid-October

    I will be moving from Denver to San Francisco mid-October and would really appreciate any advice on scenic routes to take. I'll be driving back with my dad in a rental truck, and we have at most a week to get back. I know fall in Colorado with the leaves changing is great and would love to get a chance to see this as there won't be much of that going on back in the Bay Area. We don't really have specific agendas or places that are absolute musts to visit, just as long as there are rest stops/motels to stay in along the way. Any suggestions would be very welcome, thanks!

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    I think the route I'd take is pretty straightforward, I-70 across CO and UT and then US-50 across NV to Lake Tahoe. You could then look at taking US-50, I-80, or one of the other seasonal passes across the Sierras.

    Speaking of the Sierras, I certainly wouldn't dismiss the scenic possibilities around the bay area. With all of the Mountains in California, there is no shortage of places to get a good look at fall colors.

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    Default Less straightforward.

    I'm not really one for straight forward, even in a rental truck as any excuse for a Roadtrip will do. With a full week I would possibly be looking to drop down through Moab [Arches and Canyonlands] through Monument valley to the South rim of the Grand canyon and then possibly across Death valley and over the Tioga pass into Yosemite, depending on the size of the truck. There are many other options such as Michael's that could be driven in 3 comfortable day's, but it depends on what you are thinking of/looking for along the way.

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