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    I need some advice on the best places to go and a desired route to go in 12 days from October 7th and I will be flying home on the 17th. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks:)

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    Default Depends on What You Want

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Go back, please, and read the title of this post. Unfortunately, there is no way to emphasize a word in the titles of posts, not even making it all caps. But the most important word (by far) in the title of this post is YOU. If you poke around a bit amongst the advice given here, you'll quickly realize that there is no single 'best' route between any two points. Sometimes there is only one route that will work given the time constraints or intermediate stopping points, but neither of those limitations applies in your case. Before anyone can offer you any meaningful advice, you must supply the parameters that would make the trip special for you. So what is it that you want out of the trip? How do you envision the trip going? In general, what sort of attractions or sights would you hope or plan to see?


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