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  1. Default Road trip from San Antonio, Tx to Colorado.

    First road trip ever, not sure how to plan it. We will be taking this trip next year around the winter holidays. Being from Texas it would be nice to see real snow during the holidays. I would like to see some sites along the trip. Does anyone have advice to give? Or if anyone can suggest another place to consider for the snow trip I would welcome their suggestions.

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    Since 'Colorado' is rather a large target, there's really not much we can do in the way of offering specific highlights either there or on the way until you narrow down your destination a bit. I will say that from San Antonio, Colorado is one of the closest states where good snow/scenery will reliably be available to you. To start with I'd go to the official state tourism website and start poking around there to see what meets your needs or interests. I think you may also want to stay along the Front Range between Pueblo and Boulder, rather than heading deep into the mountains. This will let you see some of the best scenery while not putting you on some of the most snow covered/threatened roads with limited winter driving experience.


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    My friends split their time between San Antonio and where I live, Santa Fe, New Mexico. You can cut some time off the usual route, and still have a decent road if you turn north off I-10 at Fort Stockton on 285 -- it comes back out onto I-25 just five or so miles from Santa Fe. Santa Fe has culture (art, museums, history, concerts, unique-to-Santa Fe traditional events), Indian ruins (and plenty of live Native Americans), great restaurants, beautiful architecture, great shopping, activities for grownups and kids...and at 7,000 feet, snow that does fall, but usually melts quickly. Santa Fe is also the gateway to different sides of Colorado, depending on where in Co you're going. I-25 does take you straight (well, more or less) up the Front Range all the way to Denver (about 7 hours). But--and this is an issue no matter what route you take-- there's often blizzard conditions close to the border between NM and CO, and not many places to stay. Just check the forecast for Raton... The Santa Fe CVB site is a good place to start.

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