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  1. Default NEED HELP PLANNING TRIP FROM ATL - GA to Los Angeles.. please..

    So a friend and I both about 29 are driving from Atlanta, GA back to LA/OC. He would like to see some of the Plantation homes and get a taste of the south. Also to to New Orleans and Grand Canyon along the way. See Elvis's home and maybe the Grand Ole Ope. (odd being we are both minorities / Black and Latino lol) .. We will be leaving ATL on Oct 3.. and hoping to make it about a 1week trip.

    If anyone can suggest a map and where to visit and stay and a short trip.. it would be very appreciated!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    With the places you'd like to visit, the most reasonable route (You'll will have a bit of zig-zagging, especially in the beginning) would go something like this...

    First head up I-75/I-24 to Nashville for the Grand Ole Opry, then get on the Natchez Trace Parkway down to Tupelo and Elvis' Birthplace before using US-78 over to Memphis and Graceland. From there wander down US-61 along the Mississippi to Vicksburg and enjoy the Plantations along the way and maybe the great Civil War Battlefield in town. Then hop on I-20 and follow that to Dallas/Fort Worth, then US-287 northwest to join I-40 at Amarillo. When you get to Flagstaff, AZ take US-89 north to Cameon and Az-64 west through Grand Canyon National Park and south out to Williams to hop back on to I-40. The last bit is just to follow that to I-15 and on to Los Angeles.

    You're looking at 5 solid days of driving to accomplish that which leaves you two, but only two, days to spreadc among your stops. So you won't be able to dawdle anywhere. For long cross country trips like this, we generally recommend that you get a good atlas of maps covering the entire country, such as the one from Rand McNally.These can be found at most big box and discount book stores for under $10.


  3. Default thank you azbuck

    but we left or you left out New Orleans :) how do or should we fight that one in? We wanted to see Bourbon Street? what do you suggest we fit that in.. Extra days are no problem.

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    Although it's technically not the most efficient routing, the way I'd go is to include New Orleans after Memphis, by continuing down US-61. The after the Big Easy. take US-90 west to the Creole Nature Trail through southwest Louisiana. You could then include Houston in your travels or just pick up US-287 a good bit earlier, by using US-69 from Beaumont to Woodville.


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    Default And then Plantation Alley...

    We have published two different routes that follow "Plantation Alley" and you could certainly include that in your route as you leave New Orleans:

    The Great River Road by Megan Baker


    New Orleans to Baton Rouge by Gerald Thurman

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