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  1. Default CA to NY on October

    Hi everyone - it's my first post. I have read some of the threads but wanted to ask specifically about the best route starting from Riverside County in California to New York City.

    I'm traveling alone and my car is older, so I want a route that isn't too isolated.

    I'm traveling in early October. I shoudn't hit weather issues right?

  2. Default Ford Escape 2005 120K miles

    Would you feel okay driving a car with this many miles across the country?

    I drove from Cali to FL once but my car at the time was new. I'm wondering if it would be risky to drive my Ford at this point.

    I just got a major tune-up and I would probaby get new tires even though my current tires are okay.
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    Default "Best" ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You haven't told us about the purpose of your trip, there are quickest routes, scenic options, but no generic "best route." If your goal is to cross the country as quickly and directly as possible then Interstate is your best bet and you should allow a minimum of 5 day's. Nobody can predict the weather this far in advance, but other than a brief storm you shouldn't have any major issues. There really isn't much difference time wise between I 15/70/ 80, I40/44/70 or I 40/44/64.

    Only you [or your mechanic etc] know what sort of shape your car is in, but if it is mechanically sound and has been reliable you shouldn't have a problem, 120k is not a lot on a well maintained motor. Unless your current tyres are getting close to the minimum tread depth, have damaged walls or uneven wear on the tread pattern, there is not a lot of point in changing them. Check your spare is in good shape and inflated correctly and that you have the basic tools to change a wheel if need be.

  4. Default

    Oh sorry! By "best" I mean safest. I'm driving alone and I won't be doing any sightseeing. Years ago I drove from CA to FL and I seem to remember a lot of very isolated areas, which I want to avoid on this trip.

    I want to have access to auto places in case of car emergencies and decent hotels along the route.


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    Default safe is not in the route

    There are a few different routes you could pick from, basically I-80, I-70, or I-40, as dave previously described.

    In any of the cases, the route you chose will have very little impact on your safety. Safety is by and large a factor that is completely in your control, by driving safe and smart, and not trying to do things like driving at an excessive speed, beyond your ability to handled the conditions, or without proper rest.

    As you cross the west, it will be common for there to be a gap about 50 miles without services, yet its quite rare to have a gap of more than that. The longest gap i can think of on the Interstate system is in Eastern Utah and even that is only about 80 miles, and simply put, none of the options will be isolated, because there will always be a steady flow of traffic across these routes.

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    The quickest and most direct route to NYC would be I-15/I-70/I-76/I-80. If you are willing to be "on the road" from 10 to 12 hours a day, this is a 5 day trip with suggested overnights near:

    Richfield UT
    Fort Morgan CO
    Des Moines IA
    Toledo OH

    There is always a possibility for early season snow crossing the Rockies, especially on I-70 over Vail Pass. If the short term forecast shows this as a possibility, you can take I-15/I-40/I-44/I-70/I-71/I-76/I-80. This would relocate the overnights to:

    Holbrook AZ
    Shamrock TX
    Rolla MO
    Columbus OH

  7. Default

    Thanks so much for the info.

    How mountainous would the first route be?

    When I went to FL I think I used that second route, but I remembered it as being very isolated, where I drove for what felt like hours without any services, so that made me nervous. But I'd prefer a flat terrain so maybe that would be my better option. Although I think UT and CO are so gorgeous to drive through.

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    There are going to be mountains no matter which route you take. The I-40 route described by GLC has about 3 main passes through NM and AZ and spends a fair amount of time above 5,000 feet in elevation. Its still Interstate travel, so grades and curves will be limited.

    As I mentioned previously, there are no places anywhere on the interstate system where you'll go hours without services. Even in the longest stretches (specifically eastern Utah), it is very rare for you to be more than an hour from a town, gas station, or motel.

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    When you went to Florida, you probably took I-10 through West Texas, and yes, that's VERY sparse out there.

    The longest stretch of "nothing" on the I-15/I-70 route is 100 miles - between Salina and Green River UT, and as I remember, cell coverage is not complete through there. In CO, it goes over 10000 feet. The highest point on I-40 is about 7700 feet if I remember correctly. I think the longest stretch with no services is probably about 60 miles and I don't recall any substantial gaps in cell coverage.

  10. Default

    Okay, thanks. That sounds doable.

    Yes, that's right, it was the I-10 that I took. I remember thinking I was so glad I had a new car with good gas mileage because it seemed like a long time where all I saw were animal skeletons.

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