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  1. Default MS to Austin, TX to Las Vegas and back for a Halloween Wedding

    My groom and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas with a stop in Austin to visit an old friend of mine.
    We have 7 days, plan to get a rental car and spend 2 nights in Austin then 2 nights in vegas and a stop in Austin to sleep on way back.
    Are we crazy? Haha.
    I was looking for points of interest in Vegas. We know we want to visit the Valley of Fire while we are there. Are there any other points of interest that anyones found especially a must see? Wondering if there are any stops along the way that you would suggest and some thoughts about making the drive more fun/affordable? Just tips/ideas in general I guess.
    Thanks, Lissa
    Oh and thoughts on vegas strip hotels, we are thinking of staying at the Luxor, anyone been there?
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    Default No chance.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sorry but it is not doable, Austin to Vegas is a very full 2 day's on the road, and more than we would normally recommend for 2 days, but doable. You don't say where in MS you are starting out from, but that will be a full day's drive at the least. So you have 6 day's of driving there and back, you're going to need more time or think about flying home.

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    Starting out in Jackson, MS. Its quite possible we will drive to Austin and then fly from there to Vegas doing the same on the way back. We are still throwing ideas around.

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    Flying to Vegas really is your only option to do anything close to what you have listed. Its a full day from Jackson to Austin, and really more than 2 days onto Vegas. Even there, that only gives you time to stop in austin long enough to sleep, not really any time to catch up with a friend.

    With your goal of spending 2 days Austin and 2 day in Vegas, you're even going to be a little rushed even if you drive to Austin and fly from there. That's 4 days already gone, 2 full days driving from MS to TX, and then 2 half days spend in airports, so 7 days is the bare minimum even for that plan.

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