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    Hi all,

    I am from the UK and last year me and my GF travelled the west coast of california and it was absolutly awesome, awesome, awesome! The only reason we dont want to do it again is because we thought we would simply spoil it (the memories etc).

    Anyway, we have looked at doing similar but on the East coast and I have a simple question, would it be possible to drive from New York to Miami in 2 weeks? Or is it a bit to far? Obviously there is no actual answer and just want it from peoples experiances.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Yes, it is certainly possible to drive from NY to Miami in 2 weeks, however the only thing I will warn you is that if you are expecting a similar experience to the west coast, you will likely be disappointed. The east coast is simply far more built up and developed. While there are certainly scenic areas along the way, there aren't many places where the road will give you a good view of the ocean.

    One other idea if you'd like a more similar experience without covering the same ground, would be to spend some time in the Pacific Northwest, going from wherever you left off in California up into Oregon and Washington.

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    Driving time - no problem, but you might consider other areas. As Midwest Michael suggests you can see the northwest with small fishing ports, a rain forest, etc.

    If you have an interest in early American history it is concentrated in the east with NY, Philadelphia, Washington, Williamsburg, Richmond, and points south. But, there is not the dramatic scenery of the Pacific coast.

    Another option would be to land in Denver, Colorado and do a loop to Durango and the spectacular National Parks in Colorado and Utah and return to Denver. This is quite different from the coastal areas with the soaring Rocky Mountains.

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    Default Don't Sell It Short

    I'm a bit surprised at the comments being posted about the East Coast. While it is certainly different from the West Coast, and is more heavily populated and industrialized, to suggest that you forego it as not worth seeing are simply way off target. If it is natural beauty you are looking for, then I suggest that you need look no further than the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. If it is quaint towns, then try the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the islands of the Chesapeake Bay. Wildlife, there are literally dozens of National Wildlife Refuges including stops on the Atlantic Flyway, a herd of wild ponies, and unique salt marsh denizens. History (both American and British) abounds at sites such as Fort Raleigh, Jamestown and Yorktown. There are world class museums from the Smithsonian to the Franklin to the Guggenheim and everything in between. And one-of-a-kind stops such as NASA's Wallops Island Launch Facility, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and the recently salvaged CSS Hunley. The list goes on, but I think you should get the idea.


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