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    Hey all,
    not sure if this is in the right area, but the wife and I are planning to do a drive from NY to LA. Now this is the first time we have been to the US and were just after some basic info regarding car hire, places to stay, see and things to do. Our route is looking like this so far:
    New York, Ohio, Tennesse, Texas, Oklahoma City, New Mexico, Vegas of course then Los Angeles. Both over 25 so car hire shouldnt be a problem. Also with the time we are planning on going (late Feb through March), is this twister time going through the mid west states? Oh yeah and since the US is bigger then Australia, we thought of prior planning then just jumping in the car and driving haha.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    In regards to the weather, you'll be traveling at the end of the winter season. It would be very unlikely that you'd see tornadoes which are a warm weather issue. However, seeing snow or ice is quite likely.

    Otherwise, the US is simply too big to simply start throwing out places you might want to see or stay. Your route looks fine, but the question is why did you chose that option? Its not a right or wrong thing, its simply a matter of knowing what you are interested in, what places you know you want to visit, and helping you fill in the gaps.

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    cheers mate,
    i guess the reason we chose that route was to meet up with a few people along the way that we know that live in those states, and see some of the country that not a lot of people that we have spoken to here in Aus have even visited or thought of visiting really.

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