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    We used this website 2 years ago when planning my 6 week East Coast to West Coast trip and got some really useful tips!!

    This time we only have 3 weeks. We are flying from London, UK to Las Vegas on December 18th. We have 3 weeks to see as much as we can in Vegas and the surrounding areas. We do plan to be in San Francisco for New Years Eve... We would like to see Yosemite but am concerned about the roads and closures in that area... is it safe in winter?

    We would also like to go visit Lake Tahoe... same applies for there really, is it worth going to at that time of year?

    So realistically we are looking at spending the time we have between Las Vegas and San Francisco! My partner would like to do Highway 1 but I am not to keen as last time we did it in January the fog came down VERY fast and we couldnt see and it was the worst experience of my life instead of what should have been amazing!

    Any tips or advise that anyone has would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    Sara and Ben :-)

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    Hi, welcome back to RTA !

    The passages across the Sierra Nevada mountains will be closed at this time of year, but as you want to go to Tahoe you can head North there and then West and down into Yosemite. You will have to keep an eye on weather conditions for all areas but more so around Tahoe and Yosemite I suspect. The high ground in Yosemite will be closed but there is a good chance you will be able visit the valley, which is quite spectacular, although you may have to use snow chains.

    Here are some day trips from Las Vegas, you will notice there is no Grand canyon as it is more than a Day trip to drive to the South rim of the National park, but is worthy of an overnight stay. Here are some links with info for travelling around the Southwest, and you will find plenty more searching the forums, but remember you will have restrictions in December. I wouldn't discard the coastal route just yet, if you plan on keeping an open itinerary it could be a viable option.

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