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    I'm a guy from Lithuania, Europe, who came to US for the summer and now me and 2 of my colleagues are planning to travel, for which we have 3weeks. We'r starting from Chicago and we would appreciate any kind of traveling tips to California North and getting back to New York - South. We'r gonna do it with a car, so we are choosing between Interstate 70, rout 50 (loneliest road) and rout 66. Which one of these would be the best for sightseeing and also wouldn't take a lifetime to get to California? I mean, we need a good and fast road to reach Cali and see a lot.
    It's our first time in US so we'r don't really know a lot, so we would appreciate any kind of advises, where to go, where not, any unsafe areas or states, places for stops to rest etc etc. Thank you in advance!!

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    Three weeks is plenty of time for a driving tour of the US including 1½ crossings of the continent. You won't have time for a lot of wandering around but you can certainly see quite a bit. As a general framework, you should probably be looking at something like taking I-80 west to San Francisco, taking about 6 days including a bit of a detour to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Great Salt Lake, and lake Tahoe. Then take two days to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1) to Los Angeles. Finally, you'll need about 7 days to cross to New York by way of I-40/I-44/I-70/I-78 with visits to the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, St. Louis, and maybe Washington, DC. That would leave you around 5 or 6 days to spend in the cities on your way or to wander to other sites that appeal to you. You should know that US-66 does not exist as a national highway anymore, having been replaced by I-40/I-44 for the most part. There are bits and pieces of the old roadway out there, the longest of which runs from Kingman, AZ to Seligman, AZ through Peach Springs. So your next step is to get some good maps of the states you'll be driving through, such as a US road atlas, and see what's near your route that you'd l9ke to look into.


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