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  1. Default From NY to Key West and back in 9 days. Feasible?

    I am trying to plan a road trip with an unwilling friend to Key West. She wants to fly. I want to break in my new FJ Cruiser and do some exploring on the way. I am trying to put together some sort of plan for her to look at because right now she is not a fan of the idea at all. We would probably be leaving Christmas Day (December 25th) and I would have to have her home by Sunday January 2nd. Is this a feasible amound of time to do some sight seeing on the way and have some time in the sun?

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    Normally, the drive from New York to Key West would take pretty close to three full days, covering about 500 miles a day. That would leave you three days (after taking out time for the down and back drives) of sight seeing and lying in the sun. However, over the Christmas and New Years holidays there will be two factors working against you. The first is traffic - those are some of the most heavily traveled days on the calendar, so your drive may not be as fast or as pleasant as it might be otherwise. The second is weather - while I can't predict the exact weather you'll have, I think you can pretty much count on hitting at least one storm, if not two, on your travels. And quite possibly a snow storm severe enough to slow down or halt your travel for a while (without sun, of course).

    So, whether or not your drive would be more work than play, or vice versa, is hard to predict and subject to factors over which neither you nor I have control, including your friend's attitude. If you view the drive as part of the adventure, then there are plenty of places to stop on the way down and back. And other than in Key West itself (It will be the height of their 'season') there is probably no need to pre-book accommodations.


  3. Default Do you have too many friends?

    Why take an unwilling friend on such a long drive?

    Fly to somewhere in Florida. Perhaps Orlando. Rent a car and do a roadtrip throughout Florida, including the Keys. Florida is a deceptively long state and even the drive from Orlando to Key West could be trying for your friend.

    There are soooo many places to go and sights to see in Florida. And, hopefully, the weather will be warm. You never know in northern or central Florida.

    If you really want to do the unusual, take the ferry from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park. Its a 70 mile cruise each way, but worth it as long as the seas are not too rough.

    Oh, hope you make reservations! If not, then your friend will REALLY enjoy her trip to Key West during the crowded holiday season.

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