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    Hi all,

    Please can anyone offer me some ideas on a road trip that we are planning?? It is for March next year for around 3 weeks - we have to be in Florida for a wedding with all of my boyf family and I can only face being there for a few days!! So can anyone suggest a road trip (in a hire car) that isnt going to cost the earth? We can fly into anywhere really....but are probably looking at Miami, is it worth driving Orlando New York?? We have already been to LA, Vegas, NY and San Fran but would be happy to go again!! Does anyone have any idea or costs, one way hires etc... I have been racking my brains trying to decide what to do but am at a bit of a loss as the USA is so big....We can also fly out of another airport...if anyone has any ideas all will be received gratefully and we love to do everything..from wine tasting to white water rafting!!

    Thank you in advance..


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We are certainly here to help you build a great roadtrip, but it has to be your roadtrip. That means you need to take the first steps.

    We simply can't say for you what you might be interested in. Certainly, if you are looking for a low cost trip, you'll save quite a bit of money by doing a round trip rather than doing something one way. Beyond that, there is no one sized fits all roadtrip.

    Yes, the US is a big place and there are many many options, but that's all the more reason we can't make that kind of decision for you. The best thing I can say is to simple do more research and study on what you might be interested in. This forum and website is filled with great ideas, and many many books have been written filled with ideas.

    Once you've got an idea of what it is you are looking for, we'll be glad to help you put all the pieces together, but you just aren't far enough along in the process for us to provide much help at this point.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The US is BIG, so big we really can't be of much use to you until you have an inclination of what you want to do, there are just too many options when you factor in you are prepared to take an internal flight to just about anywhere. Not knowing anything of your interests doesn't help, so I would suggest looking around the RTA pages with a good map to hand and try and fit something to your budget. You need to know more about your trip before you can start to work on costs, so just take a little time researching and when you get the basics sorted we should be able to help. I will make a start though, if you like nature/ National parks and great drives you might want to look at flying into Denver and check out Colorado and Southern Utah !

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