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    We are planning on driving from New Jersey to San Francisco staring next week. We have eight days to work with. Any suggestions on sightseeing, overnight stays, camping, etc. would be great. Please let us know any "must see" stops. Thank you!!!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry to tell you but listing out must-sees really is an impossible task, since what's a must is different for every person. Its also impossible because on a trip that covers about 3000 miles, the potential "must sees" are in the millions.

    8 days is a nice amount of time to make this trip, as you'll have at least a couple extra days available to explore and have fun. However, before we can give you much more in the way of help, we need to have a better idea of what you are interested in, and what ideas you've already come up with.

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    Good point. Is is realistic to visit Yellowstone or Grand Teton in a couple of days? What about the Redwoods? Or possibly Jackson Hole? Is there anything special to see in Salt Lake City? To sum this up, we appreciate natural beauty. We are not very interested in visiting cities. We are not interested in visiting anywhere within 12 hours of New Jersey/PA (we can do this another time).

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    Default North or South.

    You could certainly take I 90 past Badlands and the Black hills, where nearby there is Custer State park and Mt Rushmore [to name a couple] and drive through Yellowstone and the Teton's, but they will be "drive throughs" more than anything else, spectacular one's though !

    With less miles, you could cut down to the scenic I 70 via Rocky mountain NP and just off I 70 are Glenwood Springs, Colorado NM and Moab, 'home' to Arches and Canyonlands NP's. When you got to I 15 you could head across the desert on UT56/ NV319 to US93 through Caliente to the "E.T. Highway [NV375] to US 6 through the old mining town of Tonopah and then CA120 past Mono lake to the spectacular Tioga pass across the Sierra mountains into Yosemite NP. There are so many different routes and attractions you could see as Michael has said, so you need to sit down with a good map and get a couple of dots on it, when you have done so we can help to join them up.

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