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    Hi everyone, new here, and posting to gather information for my girlfriend. She has never traveled this far in a car, and will be making this trip on my advice and input. I have never made such a journey either, so am relying on the online maps and what common sense I have.

    Generally, I see her taking a major portion on I 80w, which I see has some partial tolls. Any idea what those are?

    As she gets further west, the Rockies will pose a possible issue, but I think it is still early enough to avoid too many winter like problems.
    Destination is in the very southern WA area, next to Portland OR. Starting point is in rural NY, near Monticello.

    Some of the map searches show silly driving times of only a few days. This is not realistic I know. She will be in a fairly new and checked over mini van. I thought maybe 4 days.

    Has anyone here got any first hand help I can pass on? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    From the looks of things you are looking at about a 2900 mile drive, which for someone who doesn't have experience making a cross country trip, I'd strongly recommend 6 days on the road. 5 days would be pushing it, but possible, and 4 days simply requires too many miles per day to be safe. Figure 500 miles is a good rule of thumb for a full 8-10 hour day on the road.

    For routes, it doesn't look like there is much of a difference between taking I-80 to Utah and cutting up, or going to Chicago and then taking I-90 or I-94 through the Dakotas. Either case is only a difference of a few miles, so it really is a case of taking a route that looks more interesting to you (her).

    The only tolls are in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. The total cost will be about $20, and you can use EZPass in all three states (which will also save you a couple bucks in tolls)

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    Default Ditto.

    I totally agree with what has been said, 4 days for a solo driver is pushing too hard, even for an experienced long distance driver. To keep her safe and comfortable for the journey, I would be looking to her finishing the trip off on day 6.

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    My mapping program suggests NY-42 to Port Jervis, I-84 to Scranton, I-81 to I-80 to near Salt Lake City, then I-84 to Portland. You can do this in 5 or 6 days. Only she can determine how many hours a day she will be comfortable in a car.

    If she wants to attempt it in 5 days, she would have to make it to Toledo the first day. If she can do that comfortably, the remaining overnights would be Des Moines, Cheyenne, and Twin Falls.

    A 6 day trip would be Cleveland, Davenport, Kearney, Rawlins, and Mountain Home.

    I would recommend that she try to get on the road by 8am or so and drive till dusk (with appropriate rest stops) or when she feels tired, whichever occurs first. She should never be more than an hour or so from a motel.

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    Wow! Thank you all for the fast replies! I've passed on some of this to her. Anyone know of any construction woes along the I 80 route she could face? She's stuffing the van today, so maybe she can get a head start. :)

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    Default Linky.

    You can get all the info on construction and weather by following the links in this thread.

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