I hope this isn't inappropriate for this forum, but I took a road trip earlier this year that could be of interest.

We've been to Key West at least a dozen times, always by car. It's a 7-ish hour drive from Sarasota and the last 2+ hours are along Highway 1 through The Keys. It's a mostly 2 lane road with 40-some bridges and all but a few miles are 45 mph or less speed limit. We had been down to Key West for Fantasy Fest last year, and I got to wondering what all I was missing because we were driving. An idea was born.

Fast forward to one Friday night this past March. My wife and I drove to Key Largo and got a room. The next morning, she droped me off at Mile Marker 100 of US 1 and I started walking. Over the next 7 days, I walked to Mile Marker 0 in Key West. Ever walked over a 7 mile long bridge?

I think this qualifies as a "road trip" because the road was a constant presence on the walk. Certainly I discovered a lot of things along the way that I'd never seen in all the times we'd driven by in the car. I'm not exactly a blogger, but I did do a blog with lots-o-pictures for this trip. If you'd like to see US1 through The Keys from ground level, feel free to read all about.

Blog is here. - It's my personal site, completely non-commercial. Again, hope this is okay to post.