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  1. Default A fun trip for twisty road enthusiasts - FL to KS via NC

    I'm leaving in a couple weeks, driving from Sarasota FL to KS then back, and have decided to take a couple extra days and detour through North Carolina, Tennessee, & Missouri in pursuit of twisty mountain roads that I know are up there. I've been over the North Carolina and Tennessee parts before, but don't know anything about southern Missouri (have done Northern Arkansas). Any suggestions for either fun roads or interesting roadside attractions are welcomed.

    My route <- open to change

    It's not for everyone (my wife, for instance) but I love these kinds of trips. It'll just be me and my car for the 4 days outbound. If I leave A (above) on Saturday morning, I'll roll in my destination E on Tuesday afternoon and I'll be a happy guy. :) I don't drive fast, I just drive and enjoy it. In the last few years I've driven the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway twice and hope I can do it again someday.

    Will have to take the Interstates coming home though. No need for a map, I have that route memorized. Thank heavens for cruise control.
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    You pretty much picked the right roads through MO.

    In Sikeston, stop at Lambert's Cafe for lunch or dinner. Bring an appetite and cash (they don't take plastic). It's a LOT of fun.

    I'd go through Branson on MO-76 instead of bypassing it on US-160 if you've never been there before.

    When you get to Joplin, instead of bypassing it, take Business 71 in (Rangeline Rd) and turn left on MO-66 (7th St). Take that into Galena KS, turn right on Main St (K-26). A few blocks up on the right is a restored Route 66 gas station with the inspiration for the Tow Mater truck in the yard.

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    Default The Roads Out There

    You say that you want to pursue "twisty mountain roads that I know are [out] there". Just in case the following aren't already on your list: the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway in northwestern South Carolina, the Tail of the Dragon (US-129) between North Carolina and Tennessee, TN-52/TN-76 across northern Tennessee, the Land Between the Lakes in western Kentucky, and US-160 across southern Missouri.


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    The Dragon is one of my favorite places. Been there several times, routed through this time. The new part for me in NC this time is The Diamondback, suggested by someone on a different forum.

    Funny you mention Land Between The Lakes. I found it by accident while changing the Google map route and made my path go through it. It looks quite nice on the satellite views.

    There's a stretch north of Atlanta that I've been meaning to drive someday, but haven't yet (and probably won't this trip). Snake Run. I'll definitely do it the next time I'm going up to The Dragon for a long weekend.

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    Huh. I didn't know that people traveled to Kansas? I thought we were the most boring state in the union because we don't have a lot of shopping, etc, but we do have a lot of interesting small towns especially farming communities that you might really like. Look for antique stores along the highway as they sell neat things. If you are going to travel in Kansas we are renowned for the Flint Hills. Google the Flint Hills to find its location. Wichita is very close to this area, I believe. It's known for wide rolling hills with lots of cattle and prarie grasses that people traveling in covered wagons crossed. Good luck and have fun!

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    Default Branson, Missouri

    I agree with the comment above about Branson. It is a must-see in Missouri and the Ozarks around it are glorious. If you enjoy country music, Dolly Parton this is a great place, but it also has a lot of golf, resorts, and other kinds of shows that the whole family can enjoy. It is a tourist hotspot so coming at the right time of the year is critical because it can be VERY VERY VERY busy.

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